10 Common signs that God provides if the person is really meant to be your husband

10 Common signs that God provides if the person is really meant to be your husband

Hi girls, do you want to know who is actually meant to be your husband? Are you curious to know who is going to be your soul mate? There are ways! 

Yes, God will provide you with some signs to show you who is meant to be your husband. Do you want to know what are they? Just, peep in here!

1. You will be able to know more likely only if you leave your house. Yes, that guy will not knock at your doors. You will have to get ready to put yourself in the game. No pain, no gain! 

You have to make an effort and see as many as qualified ones as possible. When you go on date with someone, you will get the spark to know that he will be your husband. Are you ready to start the game?

2. You must often visit the target rich environments. You will have to sketch the character of the guys who you know. Meet the guy in places like church, sporting events, parks, coffee shops and so on. 

While you hang out with the guy, God will suddenly let you know that he is meant to be your husband.

3. If a guy is meant to be your husband, you both will definitely destined to meet more repeatedly. You will meet him incidentally at some of the common places and even at different places if he is really meant to be yours.

4. Remember that, you will have to strive hard to make things work if he is really meant to your soul mate. You guys will just fall together. Also, you must be able to take lead in your relationship or else he will not take lead in your marriage.

5. If a guy is meant to be your husband, his mission of life will be resonating with yours. When you check him out, you are required to do so with clear sense of your calling. And, the rest will be assured that he will be for you and his life would expand your calling.

6. You will feel that your union with him is quite bigger than yourself. If God shows that someone is meant to be your life partner, then your marriage will also have a spiritual dimension. 

You must remember that there is more stakes in your choices than just his life and yours.

7. If the guy is meant to travel with your life, he will surely be your emotional peer. Hence, before running down your aisle, you will have to look at this area. 

This is because, most women will be wired up to nurture and sometimes they will have insecurities which would drive them to need someone emotionally dependent.

8. He will see you for what you really are. Yes, you must always remember that marriage is the union of hearts. The guy who will get your heart will be able to draw the real you. If he doesn’t, bag it right there. And, understand that it is your heart that your man is supposed to watch and he cannot nurture what he does not get.

9. You can even see tangible evidences that the God is always blessing your union with him. And, this is a tricky one. The spiritualizing is running wild these days. 

So, when you want to check out the guy and figure if God is putting tangible evidences, please do not attempt it alone.

10. And, finally, you will feel lucky to be with him as he is doing with you. If you feel, then he is the one!

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