10 Good reason to be single

10 Good reason to be single:

Yes, love is awesome! But, being
single is not very bad. When you have the chance to go on for a solo
performance, you will be noticed very easily by most of the people. 

you will get noticed by many people when you are single. Don’t ever worry being
single. You can actually rock your days alone! 

Here are some reasons why being
single is good.

1. Enjoying your freedom: Well,
being single, you can go anywhere and can do anything. This whole world will be yours. There will be no one for holding you down.  
You can very well take up and pursue anything that will intrigue you. You will have a plenty of time to start a new hobby. With more and more extra time, you can learn new languages, you can learn to cook and much more in your hands.

2. Posting on Social Media: If you
are in a relationship, any unfortunate wrong posts, photos or comments can take you out of context and can easily be misconstrued. And, ultimately this is the deterrent between many lovers.  You are in a relationship and you
think posting your half-naked picture in your social media! Ah, you will be
screwed by your boyfriend/girlfriend for sure. In contrast, when you are single
you can be as social as possible.

You can go to your friends’ home and
play video games with them. You can stay at their houses for days. And, without
bathing is not a problem at all. There will not be any fight waiting for you.

4. Perfect You: When you are single,
there will be no one to point out your mistakes. In your mind, you are perfect. You are the
gleaming pillar of perfection! Whatever you say and do is perfectly alright! Then, why you should
struggle in a relationship? 

Also, being single, all your thoughts are completely natural and not a
little bit creepy. But, when you are in a relationship there will be nagging, whining and conversations
and demands you to change yourself.

5. Do not have to Listen: Are you a
poor listener? Then, being single will be the best times for you. If you are in a relationship and if
you are a poor listener too, then you will be pissed off. 

Yes, your partner will talk a lot
and you have to practice listening. 

If you are single and even if you get
trapped in a long conversation, you can easily find the ways to escape from it
which is not at all possible when you are talking with
your lover.

6. No Need of Monitoring: If you are
in a relationship, you will definitely feel like you are the social media police. I am sure that you will be constantly checking your profile to see whether your ex- likes your photos or posts. And, each time you have to ensure to
check this is not happening in order to continue in your current relationship.
This policing works on own profile is not at all necessary if you are single.

8. More Money in Your Pocket: When
you are in a relationship, you always need to spend on Some thing. You need to go on dating, you need purchase gifts often and you need to spend for your beauty as well. 
But, when you are single you need not spend on these unwanted things. When you don’t spend, you meant to save
more for your future life partner.

9. Look Forward for your Perfect
Match: Yes, Mr. Perfect could be right around your corner. Being single, you will have lots of time to select for the perfect match and when you find the perfect one, you are available to get tied down with that right person.

10. You will not get hurt: You know pretty well that only few relationships will end up in marriage. You will have to break someone’s heart for sure. 

But, being single, the biggest heart  break you will experience when you don’t get your tickets confirmed for your favorite star’s film. This is much better!

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