10 signs if your Lover is cheating on you

10 signs if your Lover is cheating on you

10 signs if your Lover is cheating on you
Women folks, whether you are about to start a new relationship or in the middle of any relationship, there is always a chance for you to get cheated by your boyfriend. 

Some important studies have revealed that 50 to 60% of married men are engaging in extramarital sex at one time or another. 

Most often, women in have no clues on what they did. So ladies, you must have some basic knowledge in order to protect yourself. How will you spot a cheater?
1. Lies: There is no such thing as sudden meetings in office or impromptu overseas trips and especially, if the work profile of husband did not entail like this a couple of months before. Be aware of lies!

2. A change: You must be alerted if your husband stops complimenting you and if he was doing if before. And, in contrast, you must also be alerted if your husband compliments you more often and if he was not good at complimenting before. 

Also, if he is doing this after a long and unexplained absence, then you should be particularly suspicious. Simply, if he just sounds different, you must wake up.

3. Always Over Phone:
You must beware of your husband’s new mobile phone habits. For Instance, if he suddenly gets a new mobile phone with password lock or maybe he used to make phone calls while you were around, but now he excuses himself when the phone rings. This is not a good sign.

4. Don’t Spend Time: If your man is organizing his life in such a way to spend less time with you and family, it does not really matter whether he has met someone. Behaviors like will signal a distance that would soon become a breeding ground for infidelity.

5. Decreased intimacy and sex: If your husband does not cuddle with you in bed anymore or he comes to bed fully dressed, you must know that these are all ways for disconnecting and it may indicate that he is getting his intimacy somewhere else. 

You must be surprised to know that most psychiatrists would agree that once a man starts to sleep with another woman, his interest with his
regular partner would diminish.

6. Getting Offended: Another sign that your man is cheating is when he suddenly begins to take all the accusations against him. 

The guilt factor will be working overtime in his mind all the time and he will not be able to take you. Another reason could be because the new woman finds no fault with his personality.

7. Denying Outing: If he starts to accept the outing plan only occasionally and if he backs out for some reason, your guy might be cheating you.

8. Behave Odd: If he is trying to help you out in household chores and if he had not helped you before, you must really beware. If he tries to be more affectionate than normal, you must try to check his new habits.

9. Criticize You: This is connected to the one above. Your husband will have far less patience in order to deal with his own shortcomings and he will start to blame everything over you. 

He will get irritated from your cooking and everything. You may end up in violent arguments.

10. Throwing ultimatums: If he calls to quit even for simple arguments about day to day activities, it means he has got more to do with immediate feelings of frustration. You must be really aware of such things and try acting fast.

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