10 things to do and avoid if you are a mistress

10 things to do and avoid if you are a mistress

10 things to do and avoid if you are a mistress

Communication is always tricky! We hear words differently and also we want to be communicated with in such a style that we understand. Hence, as a mistress you must use the words carefully. 

Yes, especially when you are talking with your husband. You should be very careful! Are you really confused on what to do and what not to do as a mistress. 

Here are few things that you should keep in mind always.

1. You should not criticize your husband in public. Your husband’s ego is fragile! And, hence being critical of him in public or to your friends will have a crushing effect. 

In contrast, try the other way. Yes, he will like when to appreciate him in public! Also, you should not compare your husband with his family.

2. You must not withhold sex from your husband as a punishment for his mistakes. It is because; it might turn as the reason for him to break up with you. 

3. You must not put your relationship with your child above your relationship with your husband. Yes, I agree that you should not stop being a mother. 

But, at the same time you should not make your child more important than your relationship with your husband. You should remember not to bring your children between you and your husband. Be simple and be best!
4. You should regularly cuddle on your husband. Your husband is like an innocent child, and he will be motivated by cherishing. You should simply remember to be your husband’s biggest cheerleader. 

You need not ought to tell your husband very often how nice he looks and how much he still turns you on.

5. You should not view meeting your husband’s sexual needs as a chore, but you should consider it as a priority.
You should feel happy to have sex with your husband whether it may be five times per week or five times per year. 

A healthy sexual relationship with your husband is a sign of a healthy marriage.

6. You must not use silent treatments. This is an immature way of communicating that something is wrong with him. You should just share your heart.

7. You should not expect your husband to read what’s in your mind.
You will not be able to connect the dots close enough for your husband to catch on what you are thinking. 

You will have to just spell it out. Just dropping hints and expecting your husband to know what you are thinking will only lead to frustration. You must simply say what’s on your mind.

8. You must not underestimate the significance of doing things that your husband likes to do. You should be your husband’s best friend and should be ready to spend time doing things that he likes to do. You should take interest in few of his hobbies too.

9. You must not take your physical appearance for granted.
Yes, everyone in this universe knows that men are visually stimulated. Hence, you should dress yourself with the goal to please your husband. 

No, I am not saying that you have to be a trophy wife. But, you should be able to do the best with what you possess. You can try out some face creams, rollers in your hair and a pink bathrobe in such a way that they should not be the norm for how your husband sees you.

10. You should not forget to be limitless in your act of forgiveness. Your husband can make so many mistakes with the best of them and hence, you should always show willingness to forgive your husband.

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