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10 tricks that your dogs can easily understand and follow

You will be always dreaming of owning a puppy for yourself who will be adorable and cute. Your puppy will be loved by you for their loyalty and unconditional affection. The final thing that would come into your mind when you think of getting a puppy for yourself will be the training.

Yes, it is true that dogs are fun. However, if they do not listen to you, they can even be frustrating. There are lots of commands that will be easy for your dog to learn and will your training easier.

1. Training Your Dog to Sit Before starting to train your dog to sit, do not forget to get some of your dog’s favorites, whatever they could be. This will help your dog to listen you. It will be more helpful if the treat is small.

You can hold one treat out to your dog so that the dog can be able to smell it, but can’t eat it. By holding the treat more firmly above the dog’s nose, just say ‘sit’ in a clear tone. For the first time when the dog hears the command, you must remember to show the dog on what to do.

2. Training Your Dog to Lie Down: Again, you must try with your dog’s favorites. In order to train your dog for the down command, first you must have your dog to sit down. You could make your dog to sit down as far as you were successful in the above training.

Remember that, if you were not successful in the previous step, then getting your dog to lie down will be a tougher challenge for you. Upon having your dog to sit, hold your treat on the floor but out of reach of the dog’s mouth, so that your dog will have to lie down for getting the treat. Again, say “Down/Lie Down/Lie” in a firm voice.

3. Make Your Dog to Roll Over: Again this goes with the command of ‘Lie Down’. If you find it difficult to make your dog to do the above actions, you will find it very hard to get your dog to do this. Similar to the above steps, first show him the treat and have them lay down.

Then, say ‘roll over’ and bend down towards the floor. Then, you must do slow circles with your hand with the treats. Remember that, for the first couple of times, you may have to do it and after a while you will have to make them respond to your words and hand signals.

4. Make Your Dog to Stay: For making your dog to stay, you must have your dog to sit firstly. Then, have someone to hold your dog’s collar. Now, make your dog to stand in heel position. After that, put your hand at about 3 to 5 inches from the dog’s face and say ‘stay’ with a firm voice. Repeat the same steps for making your dog to learn staying down.

5. Making Your Dog to Shake: For making your dog to shake, first make your dog to sit. Then, you must grab one of his/her front paw and shake it. Then, tell your dog the command ‘shake’.

6. Training Your Dog to Come: There are different ways to approach this trick which will depend upon the dog’s personality. The best way to ensure that your dog will be back to you whenever you call him/her is to provide him with the treat which he/she could possibly imagine every time the dog comes back to you. However, make sure the dog only gets that specific treat only when he/she hears and obeys the recall command.

7. Having the Dog to Sit at Street Corners: Remember that some dogs will not understand that the streets are dangerous for them. However, even if your dog does not get that the streets are dangerous; he/she could learn that the particular place where any street and sidewalk is meeting is the place where he/she can earn the treats. This curb could become the ‘cue’ for your dog to sit.

8. Making Your Dog to Drop: Remember that, ‘drop it’ command can be a life saver for your dog and it is important to train your dog for this command. Depending upon the dog’s personalities, this may turn as a bigger challenge for you. Hence, you must make sure that you are building a strong foundation of giving incredible treats each and every time he obeys the command, ‘drop it’.

9. Making Your Dog to Wait: The wait trick has been found as a nice middle ground whenever you just try to stop your dog and pause for a moment. You can see that sometimes your dog will sit while sometimes your dog will just stand or circles back around towards you for few steps. In any case, the dog will be made to wait and made to focus on you when you say ‘wait’.

10. Making Your Dog Walk: Regardless of your dog’s size, all the dogs need to be taken to daily walks for at least 30 minutes a day. This is the great way for making your dog to get outside. By taking your dog for a walk would allow him/her to get released from any mental or physical energy that has been built up and will help them get fresh air.

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