10 ways to tell them truth and make them accept it

10 ways to tell them truth and make them accept it

Are you struggling to say the truth about yourself or what you did something wrong to your loved ones? Yes, this is not the case for only you in this world. 

Remember, most of the people will find it comfortable to say a lie but not to tell the truth. But, lying to your loved ones will not allow you to sleep well. You
have to admit them. You ask, how? Here are some ways to tell them the truth and make them to accept it.

1. Perfect Timing: Before attempting to tell the truth that is pinching your mind, make sure you select the right timing. Make sure the other person has enough time to cope up with your information. 

For example, choose the time when you and the other person can be able to reach out to each other for moral support. Make sure that you are not disclosing the unpleasant truth when the other person in a hurry to reach his/her office.

2. Appropriate Place: Do not forget to disclose the truth in a private setting. This is because; the private setting will not bother you even if you are getting slapped by the other person! 

Yes, you got it! Hence, choose a pleasant and private environment for making the other person to get convinced and accept you.

3. Preparing the Receiver: When you try to disclose the unpleasant information, try to be more descriptive. Don’t be evaluative! You have to describe what had happened or what you had done without blaming the receiver. Make sure to take responsibility for what had happened.

4. Expect More: Well before trying to tell the truth, you must prepare yourself by imagining the worst possible scenario. By doing this, you will get the confidence to tell what is in your mind and you will not be shocked for the receiver’s reactions. Are you ready now?

5. Resist Yourself: Your truth may be painful for the other person. And, when they get hurt, they will react harsh or even they tend to fight with you. In these cases, you should never try to fight back. 

This would turn even worse and you may not get a chance to be with your loved one another time. Hence, be patient and handle carefully.

6. Stay Strong: You should be able to muster up your mind for telling the truth. It will be very hard, but after it had happened, you are the one who is going to be relieved from what is pinching your mind all these days. Don’t ever lose your hope at any situation.

7. Ask Your Heart: Do what your heart says. Remember that it is not the heart that deceived but is your mind. Following your heart is the best way to tell the truth and only by this way you can tell the truth to your loved one and make them accept.

8. Falsehoods are Dangerous: You should never use a falsehood while trying to tell the truth. Remember that falsehood is just opposite of the truth and taking this way will put you in trouble again. These will be like violating the other person’s rights.

9. Try Out Differently: If you are really finding it difficult to expose the truth to your loved one in-person, just try it out in different ways. For instance, you can send an e-mail or you can make a phone call. These ways will help you to speak more freely.

10. Become a Child: Lies were not born with you. It is you who created it. Hence, take off all the bad stuff from within you and go back to your natural character. You must act like an honest child!

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