13 effective tips to earn $100 dollars per week/month

13 effective tips to earn $100 dollars per week/month

Are you really eager to earn $100 in just one week? Yes, it is really hard! But, what’s wrong in trying out? Probably, doing just one thing won't help us. In contrary, doing a bunch of things could make you to reach your goal. 

So, round up all your spare time! Start brainstorming! There are some effective tips that would help you to earn $100 in a week.

You must be ready to offer help to your neighbors by stating them how you could help them. Yes, there are millions of things to help out, especially if they are elderly. 

Make sure whether your parents can give you the okay. If yes, then don’t hesitate to knock on some doors and ask! However, you must have few innovative ideas in your mind too. 

It is because sometimes people would not know what they really need! You can offer helps like: washing cars, paying the bills and so on.

You can take up the option to work 7.69 hours at McDonalds. Yes, that’s right – the job market is so now that the brand new burger-flippers and drive-through window operators are able to make almost $13 in an hour. 

Actually, this is only the starting wage. Yes, this might be the best possible option for you to make good money.

You can consider buying gold. Are you ready to throw $100 at gold? If yes, just waiting for 30 days and then trading your gold back with today’s rate of currency would make a spare $100 with guarantee.

You can participate in any of Google’s “$100 Prize”. Today, there are lots of contests and competitions for $100 prize. And, who knows, you may just win on something. However, personally, I would stick to something more proven for actually making $100. 

You must be ready to take advantage of all the seasons. If you are living in an area that has definite seasons, you can use them to make more money. During summer, you can sell lemonades. 

During autumn, you can rake leaves. During winter, you can shovel snow. During spring, you can help in planting gardens. This is one way to earn more money.

Setting up a mobile pay toilet will help you in earning money. Ah, this is a dirty work! But, setting up next to concerts, ball games and any kind of outdoor events, you can even charge $5 for 5 minutes. By this way, you can make $100 in less than a day’s time.

Are you good at humor? Then, try thinking a good joke. Then, send this joke to Readers Digest. Now, hope for the best!

You can very well earn using palladium rustling. You know, platinum and palladium are good at catalytic converters. You will have to just find 5 large vehicles and most preferably SUVs. Now, cut out the catalytic converter. Now, laugh your way to $100!

You can earn cash as an independent rock musician. Just find some of your pals and practice for months. Then, record an LP. Make tour to 25 cities and try selling just 45 CDs.

You must be able to offer pet sitting and babysitting services. Are you old enough to be trusted with small animals or children? Then, get into pet or babysitting services! This is very well possible if you have a little brother or sister.

You can also try house-sitting! As you are next door, you could walk over very easily to the neighbor's house and watch it while they are out. You can make them to go free of worries by knowing that their house is safe.

Try getting a paper route. 

Do you have a bicycle? You are good to go! All that you have to do is to get up in the morning and to grab the papers that are dropped off to you. Contact your local paper today and ask them for more details.

You can find the empty cans and bottles from your neighborhood and can exchange them for cash. You can even go around to your neighbors and ask if they have some of their cans and bottles. 

You can also explain them that you are trying to make $100 in just one week and this may act as a factor for them to try too!

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