13 Tips to tell your Friends or Office mate that he/she has deadly body odor

13 Tips to tell your Friends or Office mate that he/she has deadly body odor

13 Tips to tell your Friends or Office mate that he/she has deadly body odor

Yes, it is not very easy to approach your friend about his/her chassis's emissions. I hope you are not ready to get a slap from your friend! But, the theme here is whether you could provide with face saving solutions. 

Here, I will give some of the tips to tell your friend or office mate that he/she has a deadly body odor:

1. Why shouldn’t you talk with the "offender" when no one is around? You can tell your friend that he/she is the best worker and that you see even better days ahead for him/her. 

You can casually add to this praise that he/she might lob on a little more deodorant in the morning because all of his/her hard work, sometimes it would leave its mark in the form of body odor.

2. Don't ever jump the gun. No one really wants to be the one to tell his/her friend that the person stinks. Hence, make sure that your advice is not too hard to follow. 

You should remember that it is not worth commenting on somebody's body odor, greasy hair or visible underwear unless it is 
causing a problem for you.

3. You should not speak out of spite. You should be able to ask yourself whether you want to enrich your relationship with your friend. 

If your answer is no, then you should keep quiet. People can smell your fake ness and will not help anyone. Nobody will like a concern-troll. 

4. You must make sure that you are picking a private place. Your colleague’s body odor should not be the topic at board meeting or party. You should make sure that you are alone and in a private setting.

5. You can address your friend face to face, over phone or email. If your friend is likely to be embarrassed, it is always better to talk to him/her through any medium rather than in-person. 

Yes, it is true that talking face to face will provide an opportunity to console the individual. But, it may make him/her uncomfortable because he/she may become aware of his smell. If you communicate through email, you can even follow-up the discussion.

6. You must avoid making assumptions about his/her personal hygiene. He/she may be suffering from financial issues, or he/she is overburdened by other obligations and these may be stopping them for taking care. 

Your friend could also be suffering from any medical condition that makes the odor worse and he/she may not know how to address it.

7. You should always be direct. You should be kind enough, when at the same time you want to state your concerns as clearly as possible in order to prevent the ongoing discussions about this matter. You must consider ways to state your points while retaining the clarity.

8. You should be ready to offer help. Most of the times, the individual will not need it. However, you should not count on that reaction when you offer assistance. 

You should remember that the knowledge that someone is there for him/her and your willingness to help will help him/her feel supported.

9. You should be as low key as you can. But, shouldn't hide the truth in your hints.

10. You should remember that you should not beat around the bush. You have to just tell them. It may go awkward but there is no good way to tell someone that they stink.

11. You must tell only the offender and not to anyone else. But, if they become reactive, you should be empathic about it.

12. Remember that you should not be confrontational or judgmental. While it is important that you should not attack your friends, you also would want them to get your point with much clarity without any guesswork.

13. You should speak strongly about the issue if your colleague or friend is lacking awareness.

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