15 common things to do if you are sick: Effective healing

15 common things to do if you are sick: Effective healing

What makes you to feel sick? Yes, your guesses are right. It is cold or diarrhea that makes you feel sick than anything else. 

However, you can bounce back from these two conditions by following the tips that are listed below. Yes, cold and diarrhea too have ways for effective healing.

Intake More Fluids: In diarrhea, you are about to lose a large amount of liquids along with electrolytes which needs replacement essentially. Hence, it is advisable to drink eight cups of fluids in a day. 

When your diarrhea is accompanied with the fever, then you must drink twelve cups of fluids per day. 

If you suffer from cold, then, you must take water, juices, warm lemon water would help in loosening the congestion and it would prevent dehydration.

Must Avoid: In either case, you must make sure to avoid consuming alcohol, coffee or caffeinated soda. This is mandatory because these will make the dehydration to become worsen.

Avoid Dairy Products: If you are attacked either by cold or diarrhea, you must avoid taking milk, cheese, cream, butter, ice cream and other dairy products. 

This is because the dairy products will stimulate the mucous production in case of cold whereas if you have diarrhea, your small intestine where the milk is to be digested would have been affected and it won’t work well.

Avoid High Sugars: You must completely avoid taking sweets, baked goods and any other food with high sugar concentrations in both the cases. Intake of the foods with high concentrations of sugar will increase the symptoms.

Plenty of Rest: In either condition, you must give your body the enough time to fight against the infection and you should not waste your energy elsewhere. A good sleep will increase your resistance at first place. So, if you are sick, it is important to have plenty of rest.

Take Your Medicines: You must continue to take your prescribed medication in both the cases if you feel it is necessary. In most of the cases, these medications will not be effective in curing and you can fight these symptoms in other ways at your home itself.

Keep Down Your Stress: It is a proven fact that if you have more psychological stress, you are more likely to fall sick. Hence, it is always important to keep your stress levels down.

Gargling with Salt Water: Gargling with salt water can provide you with temporary relief from a sore and scratchy throat. This method not only alleviates the throat pain but also will loosen the irritating mucous. For salt water, you must dissolve ½ teaspoon of salt in 8-ounce warm water.

Nasal Drops or Sprays: In case of cold, you can use over-the-counter nasal drops or sprays in order to combat stuffiness and congestion. You must remember that unlike nasal decongestants, these drops and sprays will not lead to any rebound effect. Most of them are safe and non-irritating.

Have Chicken Soups: Having chicken soups during cold will help relieving from cold symptoms. Firstly, it will act as an anti-inflammatory and secondly, it will speed up the movement of mucous. This will possibly relieve you from congestion.

Have Honey: This is another most popular and proven remedy. You can have two teaspoons of honey for effective treatment of nocturnal cough and this is much more effective than the cough suppressant found in almost all cough syrups, dextromethorphan. You can also have two teaspoons of honey with one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice. This will help in soothing your sore throat and in decongesting your blocked nose.

Inhaling Steam: There are lots of reasons for maintaining good humidity levels and you are advised to use humidifiers in your home and in more than one occasion to get relieved from cold.

Eat Garlic: It is always good to chew the raw garlic and it is great if you can stand to chew the whole clove of it. Or, you can put the chopped garlic after your food is prepared.

Orange Peel Tea: In case of diarrhea, orange peel tea will aid in digestion. This is a fold remedy and you can sweeten the tea with sugar or honey if required.

Preventing Contamination: Finally, you must remember that infections are spread more readily through direct contact. Cleanliness is much more significant to prevent the infection spreading across. Hence, keep yourself hygienic to avoid spreading of the infection.

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