15 things that Annoys me in School . So Annoying!

15 things that Annoys me in School

15 things that Annoys me in School

You feel annoyed about your school? Ah, me either! Yes, like anyone else, I too wanted to go to school regularly to score higher. But, few things will keep me away from school some days. 

How will I achieve percentage in attendance if I am regular to school? What is stopping me to go to school? Let’s see what are they?

1. Gatekeepers: It’s a real big task for my mom to wake me up and make me ready to school.  After crossing the usual chart of brushing, bathing, dressing and eating, I rush up to school like an animal with all the loads at my back. 

I have to tackle the traffic too! After all this, if I reach 2 minutes later from the bell, I will be stopped by those gatekeepers. How will I go to school the next day?

2. Homework: There are loads and loads of homework and assignments to write and to do at my home. Do I have any more time left to watch my favorite cartoons or comedies? Do I have any more time left for playing? Absolutely No! 

Even if I try much harder to complete my Maths homework, I could not. My teacher works simple sums on board and gives tougher ones to home!

3. Punishments: The boring classes will make everyone to sleep. I hope the same is for you also, rite? Then, what is the necessity for punishing me for sleeping in the middle of class when my teacher doesn’t know to make it interesting. This is frustrating!

4. Physical Training: I was thinking that physical training classes are meant for playing. But, I am screwed! My physical training teacher will ask us to do everything apart from playing. My teacher will check for our dress quality, our nails, and our hairstyle everything during that hour. Is that the only day we go to school?

5. Re-calling Sessions: Our teachers are attending only one class of us for a day. But, what about us? We have to listen to 8 sessions of different subjects daily. Will there be anything in our minds when we leave the school? Nothing for me! How could I answer the re-calling sessions in this case?

6. Studious People: These people are the most annoying. If they can study well, what is the benefit for me? Why are they annoying the whole class by standing up and speaking for each and every small thing? Are they going to eat their marks!!!

7. Lunch Menu: We are provided with only half an hour for lunch. In this short time, I have to rush to the canteen and struggle with the crowd to buy my lunch. What happens at last? The same menu for today also. If I have to take a good lunch, I have to stay back. I do the same!

8. Special Classes: I could not figure out the difference between a normal class and a special class till today. The same people, the same teacher and the same lesson. What makes it so special?

9. Leave Cards: What is the purpose of leave cards? If I am absent to the class, anyway it will be marked as absent. Then, why should I struggle with my teacher and principal for taking one day off from school?

10. Marks: This is most frustrating of all. Why should my teacher want to publicize everyone’s mark? It will be horrible to hear marks along with my name each time when I finished the exams.

11. Exam Schedules: Why my mom and dad turn as dictators during the exam schedule? What is so different during exams? Earth remains round, the sky is blue and I am me during the exams also. Why do they want to drill me during exams?

12. Ranking System: Why people in school are ranking us based on marks? I am as same as my fellow student. One student could reproduce the book during exams and I use my brain to write my exams. But, ranking makes him top and puts me down. Isn’t so weird?

13. Place Selection: Is it not nice to sit beside the window and listen to class? Why is my teacher taking all the rights to choose the right place for me? When I am not comfortable sitting, how will I listen to the lessons?

14. Identity Cards: The purpose of identity cards is for identity alone right? What is the necessity to wear it around your necks all the time like security guards? I hate it!

15. Vacation Classes: Vacations are meant to enjoy and blast. But, my school wants me to attend the classes during vacation too. Again the same school, the same class, the same people, the same teacher and her lectures. My school is annoying!!!!

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