15 things that a man commonly does if he is alone in the room

15 things that a man commonly does if he is alone in the room but afraid to show

You want to know what a man will commonly do if he is alone in a room? And, yes he will not admit it to you! There are some common things that a man does if he is left alone. What are they? Let’s know about it here!

1. When a man is left alone, he will try to fix things. Yes, this may sound crazy. He may be inclined to the plaster holes in the playroom. He will see how to apply the plaster in a smoothest possible way. He may want to make her partner happy when she returns.

2. He may park his kids in front of TV sets. He may have to get free for a pack of cigarettes and hence, he will park the kids and get into the room for what he wants.

3. He may watch some freaky documentary when left alone. Men would like watching the really weird shows, but, they may feel self-conscious when they have to do with their partners. Hence, being alone will be the right time to watch those.

4. He may check out himself naked in the mirror. Like woman, man also would pose in the mirror to see what his good side is.

5. He may dance around the nose mimicking some celebrities. He may practice some moves for you. Some men would even dance naked.

6. When men are alone, they may rest their hands in underpants. By sitting on their couch and watching pawn stars, their hands will involuntarily make it down to their underpants. They may feel it comfortable as an efficient heating technique.

7. They will feel comfortable with face book stalking. They may look at their ex-girlfriend’s pictures and posts in facebook. They will not admit to you now!

8. He may practice dancing. They will even try practicing with ample amount of grapevine. He can still advance his moves with full of confidence.

9. He will try to Google himself. This is the best way that he feels proud of himself. He will feel  happy and confident as a man for whom he is by checking out his name in Google.

10. He may cry out for his break-down with this girlfriend. Men will not show their depression and they will not cry out when he is surrounded with people. And, being alone is the right time for crying out for his failures.

11. He may like to read or watch some weird stuff on the internet. He may love to read a good rape story or any mama-daughter fight scenes. If he does this when he is surrounded with some people, he will be stated as being hyper-critical and hence, being alone is the right time to read this stuff.

12. When he is alone, a guy will not like to clean up the spills or strains. When he spills something, he will either take no care of it or he will try to hide it rather than cleaning it.

13. He will pour himself with unappetizing drinks. And, when he is alone, he can drink alcohol however he damns. He will not have to pretend for enjoying a whiskey sour.

14. He may sing along the favorites loudly if he is happy. This is one of the ways to enjoy his solitude. He may even practice the lyrics when he is left alone.

15. The men love naps. When they are left alone, they will feel that they have got time to relax and they will opt for naps more than any other things, especially, married men, who have got tired of hearing his partner all the time.

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