15 tips on how to avoid bullying. Win in Bullying.

15 tips on how to avoid bullying. Win in Bullying.

You are always seemed to have bullies? Are they always trying to beat you up? You will be able to get them to leave you by following some of the following tips. 

Are you ready to try those things? No one will want to be bullied. And, more importantly no one should be bullied. Just try out these strategies to avoid the chances of being bullied.

Be Confident: Do not try to draw attention of yourself. Bullies will have the habit to feed on the body language of insecurity. Try to appear as much as confident as possible. Do not look at your shoes when you walk.

Don’t Fight: You should never try to fight back. This will be the worst thing you can do while dealing with the bullies. This may create more re-percussion's, which would be the last thing you want.

Don’t Converse: You should have the practice of leaving the bullies alone. Trying to converse with them will give them the bright chance to be mean or showing disrespect to you.

Try not to React: You should never try to react for the rude remarks from the bullies. If the bully calls you by your names, do not ignore them. Just give a smile and walk off. You need to ensure that do not express your distress towards the bully.

Don’t Pay Attention: You must make sure that you are not giving the bullies the enough attention they clearly want. Yes, bullies want attention! Keep in mind about this. Don’t give them the attention they need.

Kind Killing: You can kill the bullies with your kindness which means to say anything nice when they are trying to insult you. By doing this way, they will surely get offended.

Don’t Scare: Are you scared of the bully? This is one of the main reasons why they always attend you. You must realize that they are also humans and there is no reason to get scared about them. Oh, you are still scared? Simple, don’t show them!

Eye Contact: When you are ridiculed by the bully, don’t stay anything. Instead stare at them viciously in the eye. Just like a hungry animal! They would want you to give in and try fighting with them. If you are not fighting, they cannot win!

Don’t Attack: Make sure that you are not doing anything physical to the bully. Do not do anything to make them mad. If you really want to slap them in their face, just walk away with your head held high.

Don’t Be Quiet: If you are being bullied, don’t keep quiet. Tell your counselor, parents or teacher about it. If they do not stop, continue telling them. Actually, schools would be breaking the law if they are allowing the bullies. They are there to provide you with safe education.

Gather Support: If you have a group of friends, this is the best time to gather their support. Make sure to stick by them during the threatening situations. If you have an elder friend or an elder sibling, you can walk with them since they will also scare the bully off.

Self Defense: It is not necessary to start the fight by yourself. However, when you are being attacked, self defense is really very important. Try to join some self defense classes and learn the basics. You will need to stand up to bullies.

Believe in You: If the bully comes to know that you have faith in yourself, you will be less likely to be approached by him/her. This is because, bullies don’t like challenges!

Avoid Them: You can prevent being bullied by simply avoiding the places where the bullies are likely to be. Try to take a new path to the class or to your home.

Don’t Change: If the bullies are making fun of something you do or something you used to wear, don’t ever change it. Remember, changing your habits will only show them that they have the power over you.

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