15 types of people in school .High School Funny People

15 types of people in school15 types of people in school

So, you are wondering whether there are different types of people in a school. Yes, within the student group, you can see many kinds of people. Here are some types of people you can commonly see in every school.

1. Helpers: These are the kind of people who will be always willing to do anything they are asked to do either from the teacher or from the fellow student. They are the diligent people who have the bright chances of becoming good employees in the future! They may have the chances to become largely depended upon.

2. Heroes: These people are the ones who would think themselves as real heroes. They think that they have a duty to protect those people who are being oppressed. These people could be very serious about fights. So, watch out!

3. Concerning Dudes: These people will be concerned other people’s emotions. They will be the good listeners. Also, they will be good at keeping secrets. In the future, they will be waiting to become: doctor, nurse and even psychiatrists.

4. Loyal Brothers: This is a special type and can be found in all the major classes. These people would possess all the qualities to become your best friend. They will be loyal and will never hesitate to stand by your side whenever you are in trouble. Even if they are not the best friends, they will keep their promise for you.

5. Reserved Ones:
These people will be shy and will be little emotional. You can’t see them talking much to people except their close friends. They will always stay calm and sometimes their voice can be hesitating. Jobs such as environmentalist or librarian are waiting for them.

6. Trouble Makers: As the name suggests, these people would love to involve in violence. They will even go to others’ places in order to start a war between the groups. However, a good thing about these people is that they will be loyal to their groups. They may become bodyguard or soldier!

7. Bullies: These people are somewhat like the trouble makers but in a minor level. These people would harass the other students for fun. Most of the bullies are involved in these kinds of activities because of their jealousy with the other students.

8. Criticizing Kings: These are the kinds of people who would criticize each and every action or word of other people. And, they will not know when to stop. They will mostly end up being alone and would have to feel unwanted. They could become a good critic or a public speaker.

9. Solitude Lovers: These people are different from the reserved people by the way these people enjoy being alone. They love to do things alone. They will hate people who are crowding in front of them. They can become good writers.

10.Gossip Lovers: These are the kinds of people who want to know every bit of information regarding the fellow students. They will persuade you by forcing for gathering juicy information. You should be very careful to these kinds of people. They have a bright chance of becoming a TV anchor in the future.

11. Cheer Leaders: These people would never mind to cheer you in any kind of situation. They will be good at breaking ice. It will be always nice to have friends like them. Careers that are related to entertainment will be the good choice for them.

12. Fashion Queens: These people would observe the environment and would put on their clothing that resonates with their surroundings. They would take much of their time to select the clothing to wear. They have the chances of becoming professional models or fashion designers in the future.

13. Smoothies: These people will be very charismatic and will be romantic. They will talk to you with the most appealing voice. They will either try to flirt with you or will try to convince you on something. They have the bright future in film industries!

14. Scholars: These are the wise people. They will tend to use common sense more than their knowledge. They will feel the need to discover the ways to live a good life. They can have the career options that are relating to psychology.

15. Idea Makers: These people will not be in great in academics but they will make ideas that would offer solutions to people’s problems. They are the people who would like to try new things. They may become inventors or film directors.

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