15 ways on how to be Fiercer, bolder, stronger YOU! Be the girl/boy on Fire

15 ways on how to be Fiercer, bolder, stronger YOU! Be the girl/boy on Fire

A confident man/woman is not born. He/she is made! Here are some ways for you on how to be fiercer, bolder and stronger. Are you ready to become the boy/girl on fire? Here, you go!

1. Discover Your Purpose: All of us know that the earth is in a terrible shape today. This is because; everyone has shuttled into safe careers for the sake of economic expediency. Yes, in this, our natural instincts have been subverted. A true fierce boy/girl would throws off this limiting mentality. Could you do too? You must quest to give the fullest gift.

2. Be true to yourself: You must learn to live your life by doing what you feel is right to you. Don’t ever think what someone else is thinking on what you should do. Yes, it is okay to listen to advices, but at the end, you must make the decision that will be best for you.

3. Win from Addictions: You can be addicted to anything, say, gambling, shopping and many other things. You must get yourself out from the clutches of these nasty things. You must remain self dependent. Yes, just self dependant.

4. Change the mental diet: You must practice reading books. You must also listen to uplifting tapes or CDs. You can even attend uplifting workshops. Remember that on what you put your attention would become real. Hence, focus on what you wanted to create and on what will make you happy. You should not focus on negativity.

5. Eliminate self-doubt:
You must build your mental strength, thereby, working on your self confidence. By this way, you will soon realize that you already have the enough strength to deal with whatever comes on your way. You must learn to trust yourself. You should trust your emotions that would rise to the surface for a given situation and try act on them.

6. Emotionally Strong: 
You must practice to be both emotionally and mentally strong. If you are a person with low confidence, you should find yourself to come undone when someone making a negative comment.

7. Never Fear: Remember that your fear can be your trap that may torment and paralyze you. It would keep you awake at nights. This would make your happiness and dreams to become completely out of reach.

8. Consider Other’s love: You should prepare a list of people who will actually benefit from your success. You should stay strong for the sake of them.

9. Get right Physique: Most of you would move about to working and give lot of physical strains. You must at least have proper diets to keep you energized all through the day.

10. View life: You must feel that life can even be brimming with easy times of beauty. You must always choose to stay present throughout. You must practice appreciating the varied landscape and so on.

11.Be comfortable: You must practice to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Yes, no one would enjoy being afraid. You should ignore it. You must learn to get through all the things you fear.

12. Don’t take personal: You must remember that what someone else does is about only them. This may be the most difficult step to learn. You must move on when your request is being ignored or turned down. Yes, rejections are not excuses for failure.

13. Know your edge: Know what exactly is special about you. Try to work on them and improvise them. You should feel proud of what you are.

14. Beat Your Face: Don’t panic! Not literally! You should get your face beat with makeup or try out new and bold lip color that would stand out in a fierce way. Yes, confidence would require risk taking.

15. Meditate It:
Try to imagine a sexier and fiercer you! How do you look like? How do you feel on inside? Yes, remember that confidence would require optimism.

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