5 Reasons why you are Depressed

5 Reasons why you are Depressed

1. You are not doing what you love

A lot of people experience this most especially when you are in a job that you really do not love but you need to do it because you need money. There are a lost of reasons why people got stuck into jobs that they are not fond of.

What you need to do is to find ways to get out and find what your passion. If you still don't know what is your passion, then keep on looking for it. Do not stop until you find it.

2. You are isolating yourself from real people

Being with fake and bad friends is one of the main cause why people get depressed and sometimes commit suicide. As much as possible you need to choose your friends. There is a saying that Bad friends will make bad people.

If you are not a bad person, you will know who are bad and who are not. Do not be deceived with their smile and their fake applause. It is better to be alone than having a thousands of fake friends.

3. You don't connect yourself to God

Are you forgetting God? You should every day connect yourself to your creator. Do not forget to pray and sing a praise song. You can do it in your room when your all alone. Play a praise music with a low volume before you sleep. 

4. You are worrying to much of the problems that you should not worry

Even you already know that solution to your problem, you still worry about it. STOP! control yourself in worrying too much. Sometimes you are making your life over in drama. 

5. You cannot let go of your past

If you always mention your bad previous experience every time you are at quarrel with your partner or relatives it is clear that you have not let go of the past. You are still harboring ill feelings to those people and thus consumes high amount of energy in your body and leave negative vibes. 

You need to burst it all out. Talk to the one that is involved. Be mature in handling your issues and once solved, Let go!

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