Defining the eyebrow movement

Ways to know what is the person thinking by his eyebrow movement.

Raise of eyebrow

There are so many factors to consider determining the definition of the body movement raise of eyebrow. How many seconds or minutes it is raised? Is it left, right or both? Is it raised with a normal eye or enlarge eye? Here are the possible definitions of each reaction.

Raise of single eyebrow in half a second

This means that the person doesn't like what he is hearing but will not be prank about it because he is not planning to communicate with you in a longer period of time. If you do not know him personally, then you may expect that he will be avoiding you in the next days.

Rise of single eyebrow in 3 seconds or longer

This depends on the person that you are talking to and how deep your conversation is. If you are joking or making some prank comments, a friend will raise his/her eyebrows in longer period and slightly stare at you.

This friend could be your friend for almost 3 months and already established relationship with you. These types of people are already comfortable in showing their odd feelings towards you but beware.

A continues rising of eyebrows and a mixture of rising of eyebrows in half a second means he doesn't like you You might be having a friend that will back stab you in the future.


Raising of both eyebrow and with a normal eye movement

This person is either idling, so so or just wanted to finish the conversation with a raise of both eyebrows. No odd feelings from the person raising the eyebrows but not just totally into what you are saying.

Raising of both eyebrow and with an enlarge eye movement

This person is trying to scare you or provoke you. This is commonly accompanied with closed lips. 

Avoid this people, these are Idiots or otherwise you made some big mistakes against the person and he is ready to retaliate.

I have experienced this when I was in South Korea working as a factory worker. Some Korean guy is very angry with foreign workers. 

He finds foreign workers as their slaves and poor people. So since I have a strong will to save money and send money to my family, I just get over with it. 

Please be reminded that these are not at all times reliable since it still depends on the person that you are talking to and what is the main topic of your conversation. Good Luck!

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