Face movements that you need to know to know what the person is thinking

Face movements that you need to know to know what the person is thinking

Can you really able to spot a friend lying to you? Well, I know you may not know how to detect the lies. And, we are not lie detectors! But, there are certain ways to find that people are lying to you. How? 

By noticing their facial movements while they are speaking with you. Are you a good observer? Fine, you can succeed in finding your friend’s thoughts by just noticing your friend’s facial expressions. Here comes the time to outsmart them! Come on!

1. Looking for Micro-Expressions: Micro-expressions are the facial movements that would flash on your friend’s face for fraction of a second. These expressions will reveal your friend’s true emotion that is underneath the lie. 

If you are naturally sensitive to these micro-expressions, then you are a true detector. If you are not, training towards it will help you. 

Most generally, you can notice in a person who is lying, his/her micro-expressions will be characterized by eyebrows getting drawn upwards and this will cause short lines to be appeared across the forehead.

2. Touching the Nose: Most generally, people will tend to touch their nose when they are lying. Yes, this means that when your friend is telling the truth, he/she will not touch his/her nose that often. 

Some of you will be excited to know this. But, there is a scientific fact for this action. When your friend is telling a lie, due to the rush of the adrenaline hormones to the capillaries of his/her nose, the nose will start to itch. 

This is why a person who is telling a lie would tend to scratch or just touch the nose more often.

3. Covering the Mouth: Here is another trick for you to find that a person is telling a lie. A lying friend would more likely cover his/her mouth with one hand or even place both the hands near the mouth. 

This action is almost like covering the lies that are coming forth. If you notice that your friend’s mouth is appearing to be tensed and the lips are being pursed, then this is the sign of

4. Eye Movements: More usually, you can tell if a person is trying to remember something or making something up based upon his/her eye movements. If your friend is right-handed, his/her eyes will move up and to the left when he/she remember the details. 

When your right-handed friend is making something up, his/her eyes will move up and to the right. For your left-handed friends, this action will be reverse. You can also notice your friend blinking more rapidly as he/she is telling a lie.

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