Face movements to know what the person is thinking but do not want to tell.

Face movements to know what the person is thinking but do not want to tell.

Watch Your Friend’s Eyelids:
While noticing your friend’s expressions during any conversation, don’t forget
to watch his/her eyelids as well. 

This is because, the eyelids will tend to
close longer than the usual blink when your friend either see or hear anything that he/she does not agree with. 
As this is only a minute change, you must know how your friend will blink normally during normal situations in order to make an accurate comparison.

Eye Contacts: The eye contact will be in contrast with the most popular
belief that a liar will avoid eye contact. This is not true in all the cases.
Hence, you should not come up with decisions only by noticing the eye contacts. 

Naturally, humans tend to break their eye contacts and will look at the non-moving objects for helping them to get focused and remember. 

Nowadays, the liars started to make deliberate eye contacts to seem sincere,
which they might have achieved through continuous practice. Hence, do not get
trapped by wrong judgments with eye contacts.

Check the Sweat: Checking for the sweats is one of the right ways to detect a lie. Yes, people will tend to sweat more than when they are lying. You know, measuring the sweat is the criterion that a lie detector (polygraph test) make use to detect the lies. If you are noticing the sweating level of your friend,
you will become a real lie detector!

Nodding Heads: If you notice your friend is nodding or shaking his/her head in opposition to what is being said, then, it is known as in congruence.  
Unless your friend has practiced well, he/she would have a bright chance of getting caught by you. Also, remember that, if your friend is hesitating before nodding while giving any answer, then he/she might be trying to deceive.

Watching the Throat: You can notice your friend trying to lubricate his/her throat constantly when he/she is lying. Your friend will tend to swallow, gulp and clean the throat while lying. 

This again is due to a scientific fact that
lying will cause the saliva to pump and then create very little. When the
saliva surges, your friend may gulp it down.

Check the Breathing: If your friend is lying, he/she will tend to breathe faster and this may display a series of short breaths which would be followed by a deep breath. This again is due to the fact that he/she is putting the body through stress which would cause the heart to beat faster than usual.

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