How do you tell your seatmate that shes got a deadly body odor?

How do you tell your seatmate that she's got a deadly body odor? 

Is it so hard to tell your seatmate that she has a killing instincts? We may have been through this a lot and we don't have any control over to this matter. 

We are also having this idea to tell the person directly about her condition but afraid to because this might hurt her feelings. Being Frank in a good way is good but we need also to be considerate. 

Here are some of the Facebook users suggestions on how to tell your seatmate that she has deadly body odor.

leave a note on her desk. just make sure that she'll be the only one  who   will see it.

@Frank    escalate!! ha ha.

@Hermie   The person is probably aware of it. I won't even try to tell him/her 

@Cherry   Waaah transfer station.. lol

 @Jonas    Hey your perfume is expired, i have something for you it wont let you down

 @Patrick  Ask what brand of deodorant she's using:)

 @Grace    Hmmm im going to say this "Fren, amoy tinapay ka...putok na tinapay" daanin nlng sa joke joke 

 @Marvin   The person have bomb ,he or she not knowing have this kind of smell,..

 ジェフ ロサレス  Tilt your monitor to face him/her then start googling hygiene products

 @Blessy  Kill it before it lays eggs! LOL!
 @Gilda   Kantahan mo ng boom panes! hahaha
 @Juan    Are you bathing in a canal?
 @kim     Are you Spartan?

 @John    Hey I just met you and your smelly. So here's my deodorant so use it baby

 @Shiela  Ask for her birthday and gift her a deodorant
 @Mike    If she is my Officemate i will resign
 @Aya     Get her number and secretly text her about her case
 @Aya     Cmon sister can you Take a bath 3 times?
 @Dell    Use LBC and send her a Deo
 @Mark    Send her an Email and inform her how hard to stay beside her. 

@Babols  If he/she is a good friend of yours, tell him/her. If he/she really considers you a friend, you'll be appreciated.., 
but if u ain't that close, leave him/her a message in her locker or bag. Print it, so that your penmanship won't be recognized (well, if you don't want to)

@Kuroko  Just confront him/her in a nice way.

@FaoFao  there is no such thing as saying it in a nice way pag ganito. be honest and blunt without demeaning the person.

@Judd    Be a secret Santa and give him/her a choice of deo, tawas and calamansi 

@ShA     Buy a new sim and text him/her about that. 

@Fuden   Fan the wind back to her. so that she can smell it

@Greggy  I will tell him in a good way,and advice him/her to use tawas or we will use musk.good morning

@Jemuel  We are in a free country..nyahahaha

@Soje    Uy ateng?? Apply tayo sa kabilang call center? Kasi covered ng HMO nila ang armpit odor treatment, gusto mo mag avail?

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