How to annoy your enemy and make him your friend in the end?

How to annoy your enemy and make him your friend in the end?

In all our lives, each one of us has been on a roller coaster, may be in our teenage years or during our adulthood years. 

Isn't it? There would have been a point in all our lives when we have fallen out with our friends to whom we were really close to or would have broken up with the "love" of our lives. 

Well, we have to learn forgetting about those things! Yes, no matter how hard they may be. Each one of us would have had an enemy when we were growing up. You could have heard someone telling you today, that they became friends in the end. 

Some other people can only say that the bully never changed. Here are some tips for becoming friends with an enemy after annoying him/her.

First determine why that person is your enemy

Think well whether you did anything bad to him/her or to a close friend of him/her? Recall all the incidents. You must prepare to apologize, even if you feel that everything was not your fault. 

Or else, go, show your guts and stand with your head upright! Try to make the person to realize that you were not the cause for the faults. 

But, then remember that at any cost you should not tell that mistake was his/her. Accept and ignore!!! This is the magic of life!

Become Smarter

And, remember that this will be the ultimate way to hurt your enemy! More especially if your enemy is smarter than you! There are many ways available for you to gain intelligence, but the best place from where we get our intelligence is from books. 

Try to read as many books as you can. Try out magazines and newspapers as well. All these will surely help you in gaining information. By being smarter, you can totally fire up your enemy.

Smarter to Out-Smart Your Enemy

Some of you may be too lazy. But, you have to remember your enemies’ face when you beat them in exams or in life. Also, remember that being smart will open up lot of doors for you in life. 

You can gain a well-paid job and live happily with lots and lots of friends. People who were your enemies will get interested in you and again want to be your friend. 

Those persons, who don't like you much, will ask for your help. You will be respected for your intelligence and you will burn up your enemy inside, though it may not seem to be on the outside. 

Eventually, your enemy will realize what an idiot he/she was for leaving you and will ask to be your friend again.

Don't Ever Give Up

Your enemies will be happier only if you give up doing those things that you used to do. Continue your life as normal as possible. I know, this may be hard, but try the hardest to live life to the fullest. 

Yes, this will, of course, take time, but eventually, you will forget about your enemies like everything else in life. 

Time goes by ... You can do it! And, your enemy will soon realize that you have the attitude towards your own life and will surely bounce back to join hands with you and will befriend you! 

Be Nice

By being nice to others, you will be liked by many people and this will surely annoy your enemy. 

You can try to do this by helping someone who needs help. 

Make sure, you do this only if the person you are acting nice know to respect your kindness. Treat people like they treat you. This will annoy your enemy but ultimately he/she will come back to you.

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