How to know if your best friend has a potential to steal your boyfriend or Girlfriend

How to know if your best friend has a potential to steal your boyfriend or Girlfriend

Bestfriends borrow things with each other. They share secrets and they share funny moments but there are bad stories that bestfriends wanted to share your bf/gf too. 

These bestfriends are ready to stab you at the back and ready and willing fully steal your bf/gf from you

Here are the tips that you need to know that your bestfriend is already doing her/his step in stealing your bf.

Lovers Quarrel

When you and your bf/gf has quarrel over something. Your promiscous so-called bestfriend will pretend to pacify you and talk to you like she is also involved and feel so sorry for you. 

Once he/she caught your emotion and attention, he/she will then suggest that he is going to talk to your lover heart to heart and alone. 

Volunteering to talk to your bf/gf to talk about your issues is sometimes a good deed from a friend but these will serve as a way for your fake friend to steal your bf/gf.  

A Friend Volunteering once or twice may be very friendly but doing this frequently without your knowing is a sign that she/he is doing something wrong at your back.

Lovers Whereabouts

This fake friend will always start a conversation regarding your boyfriend. He/she is very attentive when your conversation is all about your lover. 

She/he asks too much about the whereabouts or whatabouts of your beau like what is his/her favorite food , favorite movie, favorite color of the dress. 

If your friend is asking too much information about your lover, then you need to start being suspicious. Do not be an idiot.

Lets Go out!

This Fake friend wanted to go out with you if you bring your bf/gf. You may see that there is a change of style of dress and actions when you and your bf go out together with your fake friend. 

He/she is very aggressive. Always laughing. You may caught him/her staring at your bf/gf and immediately avoid his/her eyes going to nowhere once he/she notice that you caught him/her staring at your lover.

I can't find my Friend. She always not around

In this case, you need to panic now! because she/he is already winning. She/he is already meeting your lover secretively and your lover is already responding to her/his promiscuity.She is winning and wait for a week and expect your lover to have a break up with you or otherwise confess that he/she had sex with your best friend.

You can all prevent this.You know your friend. If you seem to feel that this friend of yours is very fond of men/women. You need NOT to introduce your Bf/gf to him/her.

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