How to know if your best friend has the potential to backstab you in the future?

How to know if your best friend has the potential to back stab you in the future?

When you are finding that reason behind your best friend letting your secret slip is just because he/she wants to hurt you or embarrass you, keep in mind, that it is time for re-evaluating your friendship with him/her. 

Perhaps, you and your friend would have had a rough time and that is why he/she had decided to talk about you to others. Or maybe she/he has been struggling with some other things of their own and hence, wanted to make themselves to feel better by hurting your feelings.

However, these could not be the good excuses for keeping your friendship with him/her going. But, they would help you in getting into the mindset of your friend a bit. Moreover, your friend might be getting irritated with you or may be feeling low. 

It does not mean that it is okay for having betrayed your confidence levels. You must have a serious heart to heart if you would like to stay friends with them.
In one way, friendship will help us by providing a safe place for the purpose of sharing the concerns and worries that we are facing in our lives. 

When you feel comfortable with any friend and share confidential information, you will have the hope that your friend also would treat this information with more of a caring attitude. 

But, what will happen when they are ready to betray your trust?
Perhaps, your friend may be clueless as how sensitive the information you shared was. 

Maybe, they would share details of their own life more freely and thus, they did not think what they are doing as a big deal. Before being upset with your friend, try to give them the benefit of doubt and talk to them at first.

Another possible reason is that maybe your friend is just talkative and they may let things to slip sometimes. Telling them how significant this situation is to you would probably help them to respect your privacy moving forward.

We can say that it is hard to make friends and it is even harder to believe them. But, it is hardest to find out someone who really loves you and can care about you. 

Ideally, a friend will be the person who could offer you with love and respect and will never leave or betray you at any time. Don't ever try to lose a good friend. 

It is really very hard to find a friend who will stay and they could be the ones who can be lost very easily.

Sometimes, the whole situation may not be as bad as you are thinking. At those times, apologies and forgiveness will be easier to obtain. 

However, at most times, a friend who betrayed you once will do it again and this is solely dependent on the situation as well as the person. If you find that you do not want to be a friend with that person, make sure that you sever all ties with them. 

You do not have to be mean about it. They would have probably known that you are upset with them and this will end your friendship quite easier.

If you think that you still want to maintain your friendship with that person, make sure that the other person understands that you feel he/she has done something wrong and you have forgiven them because you wanted to continue being friends even if he/she is not remorseful.

Remember that everyone is not your friend just because they are hanging out around you and laugh with you. People might pretend well. 

Sometimes, jealousy will not live far. Hence, knowing your circle is much important. At the end of day, real situations would expose the fake people. Hence, always pay attention.

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