How to know if your friend is a Fake. A real Faker.

How to know if your friend is a Fake.How to know if your friend is a Fake.

They say making a lot of friends is like putting yourself in danger, leaning your back to those people who are secretly willing to stab you in the future. 

There are a lot of good friends. True and trustworthy but how can we know if that friend is a trusted friend and not a fake one.

Here are some points for you to know if your friend now is F-A-K-E.

He cares too much about himself/herself.

“You need to do this or do that. Follow this, follow that. If you don't do that you are not a true friend “- This is one of the common reasons of a Fake friend. These people just wanted to have someone to do what they don't want to do.

These people care about themselves and too full about them. They want themselves to be leader and you their slaves. Good friends don't do this. 

True friends will not ask you to do something that they themselves can't even do. True friends will not manipulate you by their words

Fake Friends Treats you in turn of treating them back.

Have you already experienced this? I have experienced this. This fake friend of mine asked me to come with him in the mall and he bought a dress for me. He always reiterates multiple times the price of the dress. - “Oh it’s so expensive, but I bought this because you are my best friend".

The next day he talks about the dress again. He wanted all people around us to know that he bought a dress for me and that it’s very expensive.

One day, we went back again to the mall and window shopped. He pulled me to a dress Shoppe where the price can kill you instantly. Now he is demanding me to buy the dress for him because he bought me a dress, and that I am not a true friend because I don't buy him a dress. 
He always mentions the dress and the price of the dress he bought for me. In my thought, “This person did not treat me a dress, He wanted an exchange gift". The price of the dress that he wanted is triple to the price of the dress he bought me. AND I CANNOT AFFORD IT. At least, now I secretly know that this person is a 100% Fake.

He Talks Good in front of you, Talk worst behind you

Fake friends talk like they are going to defend you to death and will give their life to you and support you no matter what happen but it all changes when you turn your back.

These types of friends will give you a 1000% feeling of assurance that they will not ever leave you but you will hear from another person that he is shitting back at you. 

Be careful if a friend throws to much praises at you. You can feel if it’s true or not. Excessive praises is evil most especially if it’s not true. And also Fake friends don’t return things.

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