How to review and pass the exam easily

How to review and pass
the exam easily

Are you having a problem passing the exam or having a hard time memorizing your
review notes? Here are some important facts that will help you to succeed and

How to review and pass the exam easily - Time managementpass the exam.

Time Management

You need to allot a time for your review. Choose a time that does not conflict to your busy schedule.

You need to choose a time in a day where you can be alone in the room or where
nobody can disturb you. The best maximum amount of time will be 2-4 hours every

Studying in a clean, quiet
and orderly room is not an option when you are reviewing. You need to find ways
to find an organize place like Public libraries. Clean and organized locations
give you a mindset to be organized. Do not bring food in public library. Avoid
eating over time. 

How to review and pass the exam easily use ipod
Use IPod. Record your voice

Using soft wares or application will help you succeed in the exam. You need to
take advantage of this. Try to record your review notes with your own voice.

Do not care if how bad your voice is, nobody is going to hear it but you
anyway. You can also create a Question and answer in mp3 format. You can use
your iPod or cellphone to record your voice.

If there is no recorder in your cellphone, there are a lot of free voice
recorder soft wares out in the internet to download.

Sleep, wake up and review

How to review and pass the exam easily sleep wakeup review
Reviewing before sleeping is a bad idea. Your brain maybe exhausted by the time you go to sleep because of lots of pressures and stresses outside. 

Before sleeping you need to be relaxed and detoxified. 

Get a warm bath, drink milk, listen to mellow music, and spray some aroma in
your room. This will help your brain to quickly relax. You need to prepare all
your review notes in one table before going to sleep.

The best time to review is when you have already taken a deep sleep. Your brain
is in hibernation while you sleep and your body fixes all the bad energy while
you are sleeping.

Choose a right time to wake up. Waking up in a schedule where most people are
silent is the best.

How to review and pass the exam easily re write your notes

Rewriting your notes for Faster Memorization

IF you are a kinesthetic learner rewriting your notes is a great way to review. You can use the mind mapping technique. Re-writing your review notes will make you unconsciously memorizing it. 

This is a great way in reviewing your notes because it helps you refreshes
your memory. Make sure you understand what you are trying to study, memorizing alone sometimes do not help.

How to review and pass the exam avoid cramming

Avoid cramming.

Cramming is not effective
way of reviewing. You will not remember almost 95% of your review notes if you
have done it in cramming. It is impossible to memorize all of the information
in a short span of time and retaining the notes in your memory is almost impossible. 

Studying before and going over it multiple times really is the best way to
learn the material.

is important to do this: 

  • Drink plenty of water
    and eat healthy foods

  • Create a question and
    answer review notes

  • Avoid reviewing all in
    just one sitting

  • Join group review

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