Possible ways to avoid Homesickness. This is Amazingly Effective

Possible ways to avoid Homesickness 

It’s normal to miss your home and the people you have left when you move to a new country. 

This is very common to all people who moved to another country.

Just keep in mind that you are not dealing this alone when you feel homesick. During the civil war, homesickness was considered as serious illness that soldiers got sick and hospitalized for homesickness.

This is what they call now - Nostalgia.

The following ways can help you like you are back at your home country as you settle to another dwelling place.

Do not compare

You need to avoid comparing your new home to your last coz this will only trigger missing your old home. 

Be on Focus on finding new ways, new things like food, activities and places to make the transition easier.


After arriving to your new home, immediately unpack your things from your luggage and put it to the cabinet. 

Hide your luggage to a place where you cannot easily see it like under the bed. This will help you to start avoiding homesickness

Bring Familiar comforts

Before moving, bring those things that you have in your old home that make you feel very comfortable. 

I have a friend that she feels very comfortable in scratching his feet inside the mosquito net, so she brought her mosquito net with her when she moved. Also bringing you favorite coffee mug with you will help a lot to avoid homesickness

Eat and reminisce

Look for restaurants that serve your native cuisine. Do this in a month and when you feel you are missing your home visit and enjoy your favorite foods.

New Friends, Help a lot

The best cure for homesickness is other people most especially those who have felt what you are feeling. Join groups and do things like studying their local language.

Do not stay at home - As much as possible, the very first day of your stay in your new home. Go out and greet 4-5 persons.

Join Local Social networking sites

Joining local groups in Facebook will pacify your homesickness too. This will help you maintain a mental connection to everything you have moved away from

The best thing to do is take your time and focuses on the ways that will really assist you feel connected to your old dwelling.

Do not forget to start a relationship with people in your new home.

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