Things that you need to know about Heaven and few knows about it.

Things that you need to know about Heaven and few knows about it.

1. No Food in heaven

In heaven there will be no Food because you will be no longer needed to eat. We will be having the same features as angels and angels do not eat. There are foods in heaven but not like the foods on earth. It’s the word of God.

There are Flowing waters in heaven but waters are far different from the waters on this earth. Gold’s in heavens will be not be seen as very precious as what we see gold s today since gold’s are just paths on heaven.

2. Meetings of angels and People that are saved

Angels are not allowed to be seen unless God allows them to. Saved angels will get to meet saved people on heavens.

Although there are separate places for angels but there will still be a meeting between the two creations and Jesus is in front. There will be a Grand Meeting in heaven after the rapture.

3. There are animals in heaven

Yes there are animals in Heaven. God knows we love animals. God will not take away those are good. Animals that obey God will go to heaven too with a different body better than their bodies on earth. Bad animals that did not obey their own nature will be cast to hell.

4. Your own stone

You will have a new name written on the stone but you are forbidden to tell to anyone on what is written on your stone. One of that is written in stone is your history on earth.

People that are saved will have a new name and will never be allowed to disclose your name used on earth.

This will create chaos, People may try to find their own loved ones by their names and God will not allow it.

He would not want you to know that your relative or boyfriends are thrown to hell. He wants you to have a pure disconnection to Bad people.

This will also create a group. God only wanted to have one group and that is the CHURCH. If you know who is who in heaven, then there is possibility that you will find your relative in heaven and stay with them.

There will be a division of love between your relative and the other that are saved, so things inside you stone are forbidden to be disclosed.

5. A new BIBLE

Yes there will be a new bible in heaven. We will be having a new body and new rules. People in heaven will be given a life eternity so for prevention on unwanted things that may arise, there will be a new bible, a new testament for saved people and for angels.

5. Can travel to all planets

You can now travel the universe. You can go from places to places. The heaven is a different dimension but you can still go to universe dimension and travel planets without needing any vehicles.

Your new body can reject the time space and matter of the universe so does not worry to get hurt.

6. Meeting of other peoples.

Aliens nowadays that we know are also have their own heavens and also have their own bible that they follow which still created by God.

There will come a time that saved peoples on earth and saved other peoples (aliens) will get to meet each other and know that there is only ONE that created both the Other People and US.

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