Top 10 effective ways to lose the hair in your armpit

Top 10 effective ways to lose the hair in your armpit

Are you a woman who is really conscious about the hair in your armpit? Is it really bothering when you want to wear a sleeveless dress for parties? There is no need to worry! Just peep in and learn the best way to lose your Armpit hair!

The removal of armpit hair is a subject that would elicit strong opinions. But, what is the best way to lose it? 

In today’s world, there are so many options for losing your armpit hair and it is you who have to decide what is right for you. Are you ready to know the ways?

1. Shaving could be the best method which is the process of removal of your armpit hair with a razor in order to cut the armpit hair off the skin’s surface. 

Yes, this method of could be applied to virtually any body part and is often used by men who is fond of a close shave. You know, shaving would work better if you got light and fine armpit hair. 

Trust me ladies, the sharp blade would make the world of difference. Shaving is an inexpensive way for getting rid of your unwanted armpit hair. 

If you do it correctly, it should be painless. Also, remember that shaving can be an effective method only for short-term armpit hair removal.

2. Next is the waxing method which is an age-old method for removing the unwanted hair. This method entails putting warm wax covering the area of unwanted hair. 

Then, you should use a cloth to rip hair out of your follicles. Yes, it would work well for those you are having dark and coarse hair.

3. Sugaring is another form of hair removal which is very similar to waxing. In this method, hair will be removed from the root. 

This method would involve applying warm gel or paste to the skin. Thereafter, the sugar is removed with a cotton or muslin strip. The sugaring paste is made using natural ingredients like sugar, honey and lemon.

4. You can try out threading which is an ancient form of hair removal originated from the Middle East and South Asia. Threading method would involve using a cotton thread which will be twisted around the individual hairs, thereby, pulling the hair out of the root. 

Typically, threading is the best choice for eyebrows and for other small areas of unwanted hair. You also have an advantage of quicker process with this method which would usually take only few minutes in order to achieve a polished area. Also, this is an inexpensive way to get rid of your armpit hair. 

Make sure that you go to an experienced professional who can quickly remove your hair from armpit.
5. You can also try removing your armpit hair with depilatory creams. These are chemical based creams that would remove your hair by breaking down the structure of hair structure. 

In this method, depilatory cream will be applied to an area of unwanted hair and your hair can be removed in 5-10 minutes and most usually with a warm cloth. This method possesses an advantage of removing your hair with less pain than any other method. 

This is a very quick procedure and can be done at your home itself. Also, most of the depilatory creams are inexpensive.

6. You can remove your armpit hair permanently by using laser hair removal. A high powered laser can be used to kill the selected follicles. 

But, this method may require multiple treatments. This method has been proven to work best over fair skinned woman with dark hair.

7. Electrolysis is another method for permanent hair removal which will be performed by an electrologist. 

This would involve inserting a fine needle into your hair shaft in order to destroy the hair producing follicles. Electrolysis would offer the closest thing for permanent hair removal.

8. You can also try out intense pulsed light treatment for your hair removal which would involve a high powered light which will be used in disintegrating your hair shafts. This method also would require multiple treatments.

9. You can make use of papaya for unwanted hair removal.
Papain which is one of the active enzymes in papaya is capable of breaking down the hair follicles and would prohibit the growth of hair. Hence, use raw papaya paste with turmeric powder to get rid of your hair.

10. Turmeric which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also has the quality to prevent the hair growth. Just try out using turmeric powder along with water or milk for losing your armpit hair.

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