Top 10 most effective ways to weight loss (ALREADY PROVEN):

Top 10 most effective ways to weight loss (ALREADY PROVEN)

 Are you an obese? Are you really worried about your high weight? Are you getting mocked by your friends and colleagues for your weight and structure?

Are you really tired of keep on trying to restrict your diet intakes? Have no worries! Here, I will give you 10 most effective ways to lose your weight and to make you slim. There are ways by which you can lose your weight safely while you continue to increase your health.

1. Start Your Days with Healthy Breakfast: Do you practice skipping breakfast for reducing your weight? Well, it’s really a bad practice to skip your breakfast. It is because eating breakfast only will help in reviving your body’s metabolism. 

If you are skipping your breakfast, you are more likely to eat more and more calories than usual at the later part of your day. This was proved in a study of people who had lost their weights and kept the new weight for more than five years. 

The major thing that was observed in this group people is that they all had their breakfasts regularly. Your breakfasts can be donuts, oatmeal, whole grain cereals and eggs.

2. Eat the Foods that Nourish: Remember that foods that are being labeled as fat-free or sugar-free will also be nutrient-free. Avoid taking refined and processed foods. When you start you eat more and more nutritious foods and get to do little more physical activities than usual, your body will surely come to its healthy weight. 

In addition to this, nutrient-free food will not satisfy you for a longer time when compared to the nutritious foods. Try to take more of vegetables, whole grains along with the healthy fat.

3. Do Not Forget to Exercise: When you are trying to lose weight, do not get wrapped up only in cutting down the calories from your diet. You must not forget about the significance of exercise. Yes, it will be hard to start or maintain an exercise routine. 

Until you get used to an exercise routine, you can enroll in a class or make a schedule for the particular week’s exercising. Remember that walking whenever the weather is good is also an exercise. 

Take the stairs whenever you get a chance. Following these will reduce your weight certainly.

4. Avoid Diet Sodas: Remember that all the diet drinks such as diet soda will make you feel virtuous. When you are going to have a diet drink means that you are actually going to reward yourself with additional calories. Hence, avoid diet drinks completely. Instead, you can very well have iced teas, carbonated water, 100% fruit juice or plain water.

5. Eat Good Carbs: Always aim to have good carbs which will contain low glycemic index. Avoid having white foods like: white bread, potatoes, fried foods, white pasta and so on. You must have foods like brown rice, oatmeal and whole wheat. You must completely avoid the foods with refined carbohydrates:

a. Cake

b. Candy

c. Cookies

d. Muffins

e. Cupcakes

f. Soda

g. Chips

6. Reduce Your Weight in Slow Pace: You must always aim to lose your weight in a slower pace. You can aim and work to lose one to two pounds of your weight in a week in order to make sure that you are losing your weight in a healthy way. 

You must keep in mind that losing your weight in a faster pace can be able to take a toll on both your mind and body and will make to feel drained and sick. When are losing a lot of weight quickly you are actually losing most of the water and muscles instead of fat.

7. Never Starve: During the process of losing your weight, never try to starve because it will shut down your metabolism which is the most significant process for helping you to losing weight. Starving will make you to feel tired and will make you hungry which will ultimately make your plans for weight loss unsustainable.

8. Do Aerobics: Try to do aerobics. This is because your body will take time for depleting its glycogen stores and for switching to a fat burning environment. Mere exercising for 30 minutes or lesser will not help on burning fat to a greater extent.

9. Maintaining Protein In-take: You must be able to maintain a steady intake of protein if you are willing to build a bit of your muscle during your weight loss program. The proteins will charge up your metabolism and will increase your body’s ability to burn fat.

10. Talk to Yourself: Try to notice yourself for your positive efforts during the day and make sure to compliment yourself. Remember that, the more you pat yourself the more energy you will gain to keep doing it.

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