10 most dangerous jobs in the world

10 most dangerous jobs in the world

Do you think that your job is dangerous? Are you getting often disturbed by this thought? Then, you must know which is the most dangerous job that a human is been recruited for to work on. 

Yes, there are several numbers of life threatening jobs in this world. Here, I will give you with the gist of 10 most dangerous jobs.


1. Construction Workers: Everyone is aware that this job would demand the workers to work under giant beams and sometimes on the uneven surfaces which are high above the ground levels. 

And, many numbers of accidents are happening at the construction sites every day. And here, the most common cause is falling. Not only these, there are chances for explosions, smoke and much more which may turn dangerous.

2. Street Sweepers: We often see this people as inferior to us. But, whenever you see these people, you must remember that these people are performing one of the toughest jobs. If you have a chance to visit Rwanda, you can better understand. There, you can see the lady sweepers working all through the night in busy traffic.

3. Land Mine Removers: The de-mining process which would involve removing land mines from an area is not automated as the manual mine removal is more effective. Hence, many humans are still involved in this dangerous work when they try to deactivate the land mines.

4. Stunt People: We only see the heroes in the screen and often we forget about the stunt people who are the real heroes. They drive cars over the cliffs, they jump out of high rise and they perform much more in real. There are abundant chances for death and injury with this job.

5. Police Officers: Yes, we must agree that are the public servants in almost every part of the world. I don’t deny about the corruption. However, we must not forget that there are some real officers who are putting their lives for the sake of us.

6. Astronauts: Most of us will forget about this profession completely when we think about the dangerous jobs. But, this profession has 7.5% death rate which is not small at all when compared with the other dangerous professions in the current list.

7. Fishermen:
You didn’t even get this profession in mind on thinking about dangerous jobs? That’s normal. But, you must remember that these people should work long hours every day. 

And, sometimes they should be in dark and sometimes they won’t get breaks. Also, the heavy equipments which are being used for catching the fishes will be rife and has high potential for creating accidents. Moreover, in bad weathers, fatal accidents would happen.

8. Body Guard:
Yes, I agree that this job is not dangerous in all cases. But, depending upon the part of the world where this job has been awarded and what is actually been guarded, this job is very dangerous. This includes the armored car drivers who are set to guard the celebrities.

9. Rescue People: The people who are involved in the search and rescue operations are prone to danger. Whether it is the coast guard or mountain rescuing team, they will have to face sub-zero temperatures during the night times. I think now you can very well understand why this job has occupied this list.

10. Sanitation Workers: Do you know that this job is well paid in many parts of the world? Do you know why? This is because of the potential exposure to every possible kind of hazardous materials and these would raise the level of danger to few notches.

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