10 Most Dangerous Snakes in the World. Im Scared!

10 Most Dangerous Snakes in the World. Im Scared!

Rattlesnake Rattlesnake bites are rarely fatal to humans if treated promptly. An estimated 7,000 to 8,000 people are bitten by venomous snakes in the United States each year, with approximately five deaths.The most important factor in survival following a severe envenomation is the amount of time elapsed between the bite and treatment.

Death adderIt is one of the most venomous land snakes in Australia and the world. While, unlike its sister adder species, the common death adder remains widespread, it is facing increased threat from the ongoing Australian cane toad  invasion

Vipers - The Viperidae (vipers) are a family of venomous snakes found all over the world, except in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Madagascar

Philippine cobra - The Philippine cobra also called northern Philippine cobra, is a stocky, highly venomous spitting cobra native to the northern regions of the Philippines

Tiger snake - Tiger snakes are a type of venomous snake found in southern regions of Australia, including its coastal islands and Tasmania.

Black mamba- The black mamba, also called the common black mamba or black-mouthed mamba, is a highly venomous snake of the genus Dendroaspis, and is endemic to sub-Saharan Africa. It was first described in 1864 by Albert Günther. 

Taipan - The taipans are a genus, Oxyuranus, of large, fast-moving and highly venomous Australasian snakes of the elapid family. 

Blue krait - Coluber candidus Linnaeus, 1758. Bungarus candidus, commonly known as the Malayan krait or blue krait, is a species of krait, a venomous elapid snake.

Eastern brown snake - The eastern brown snake, often referred to as the common brown snake, is a species of venomous elapid snake of the genus Pseudonaja. This snake is considered the world's second most venomous land snake based on its LD₅₀ value in mice.

Fierce snake or inland taipan - The inland taipan, also commonly known as the western taipan, the small-scaled snake, or the fierce snake, is an extremely venomous snake of the taipan genus, and is endemic to semi-arid regions of central east Australia.

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