10 Reasons Why Your Crush Does not Like You

10 Reasons Why Your Crush Doesn't Like You

Time comes when you feel attracted to someone, and you can’t avoid that one because it’s our essence as a human being.

 Sometimes, it is really weird when you wanted to impress a person that you really like. 

You may do some things that are seemingly hard for you and feel somewhat forced for doing so. 

However, one big problem is that your crush doesn't really like you. 

Learning all the things that may be lacking with you is one big step for your crush to like you. 

And, by being aware of yourself will make you improve as a better person, and to get the attention of your crush is a great bonus. This article focuses to some of the weaknesses that may be found in you that can be improved. 

1. Weird Hairstyle

Let’s be honest, bushy hairstyle for girls is a big no. Sometimes, no matter how hygienic the person was; the flying lice may seem attracted to dwell in the hair. 

It’s really nice to fix your hair first. There are some cases which the hair was natural. Hair treatment will somehow do the trick. Similarly, it’s nice for boys to have some hairstyle that is popular, like Mohawk or Mag-max to name a few. 

Many girls like hairstyle that follows the trend. Please, avoid having a clean shaved head if possible, better get some style. 

2. Face Skin Flaws

Acne and dark spots are some of the skin impurities that probably disliked by your crush. Sometimes, we cannot blame ourselves as this is part of our body development. 

However, it is a given fact that one reason for such impurities can also be the result of poor hygiene. It’s really advisable for some teenagers to treat your face with care. Facial wash and time to visit a dermatologist if the condition somewhat get worse is recommended too. 

3. Body odor

One of the most important things that could impress your crush is your body scent. However, nobody sweats perfume and the future technology is not able to discover that yet. 

This is to say that to smell good needs your full effort every single day. Always take a bath and treat your body odour as early as possible. Wear some perfume. Artificial scent may be good for you too, but choose an original scent that when a person smells it he or she will remember you. It really works well.

4. Poor Fashion Sense

It is undeniable that every person has different taste for fashion. One could actually start from improving the way he or she puts clothes that can impress people at school or in any public place. 

Apart from clothing, one must also learn some techniques about colour combination to complement the colour of clothes to his or her personality. 

5. Fat body 

Let’s face it many people are attracted to someone who has a lean body or a great body physique. Normally, it is really hard to achieve a perfect body shape but if you are fat, with BMI out of the normal range, consider trimming down some of it. There are many health benefits for having a healthy body.

6. Poor in class

Oh, come on, everyone is attracted to a guy or a girl who is smart inside the classroom. If you consider not good to your subject, then you are wrong. It only requires diligence with regards to your study habit to remember anything when you are now facing the test paper. Any person with a sound body has the capacity to excel academically. Just study your lessons every day!

7. Greediness for food

I know this sounds quite exaggerated to say, but gluttonous appetite is somewhat common to young people especially for boys. It’s actually normal as one of our biological needs is to satisfy our hunger. However, every human being is rational. 

And, for being rational makes every human think clearly and appropriately, and that separates us from wild animals. This is to say, that whenever you are in a food chain where there is your crush, you have to control yourself when you eat there. It can be very upsetting if he or she seen you the way you eat your food. Eat normally and with proper etiquette.

8. Naughtiness

Seriously, silent people are more appealing as compared to loud people. Serious people who are quiet make them interesting to know for seemingly mysterious. On the other hand, loud people are annoying and always left by the people around. 

It’s normal to be extrovert sometimes rather than to be completely introvert; isolating oneself from other people, but there must be some limitations, and you must know the proper way to behave yourself at the right place and time. 

9. He/ She likes someone else already

This is so frustrating to anyone who fell in love to someone who is not available anymore, and one thing that you can do for this is acceptance. Just remember that what you feel for the other person is just an infatuation. 

You should look for someone who is single and available rather than degrading yourself by stealing the partner of other people. Have some dignity!

10. He/ She is not attracted to the opposite sex

Just like the above reason of why your crush doesn’t like you, homosexuality can be frustrating too. In present generation gays and lesbians who are closeted tend to hide their sexual preference. 

It can be very disappointing on your part to learn if your crush is homosexual. Again, all you need to do is accept the fact that this thing cannot be taken away from that person. 

And, no exorcism can treat these people because it’s not a disease as claimed by early psychologists who are seemingly moronic.

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