10 Things that high school student should not post on Facebook

10 Things that high school student should not post on Facebook

You may wonder why this topic is important to discuss here. This is because; high is the most critical time for setting the future stage of your life.

 At this time period of your life, you will be watched by your surroundings more closely than any others. 

It is important that you know what to post and what not to post in a social networking website like Facebook. Here are some things that a high school should not post on his Facebook wall.

1. Your Password Hints: Most of us are aware about the password hints that are required to restore your profiles in case you forget it. Not only social media requires but also the personal sites like bank accounts. 

Your posts that contain the answers for such password hints should never be posted onto your wall.

2. Party Pictures: The trend is going on the way of sharing the party pictures of you and your friends with a sense of proud. But, this will show your immaturity to others. Your friends and relatives might have the screenshots of these pictures and may turn it as a mocking tool without your knowledge.

3. Your Password: You may think this as crazy. You may feel that this is the no-brainer act. But, these things do happen. You must always be cautious whenever you are posting something on your profile. And, your password is an important thing out of all.

4. Address and Phone Number: If you are posting this information in your Facebook, then you are definitely under security risk. You have address in your profile and updating a status like you are going out for a vacation with family, will turn to be feast for thieves. 

Even with your phone numbers alone, they can get your addresses from reverse look-up services.

5. Racial Jokes: You might be having a thought that the racially charged jokes are hilarious. But, you must remember that everyone in your list will not feel the same way. The purpose of being on Facebook is to connect with people and not to criticize any particular community.

6. About your Teachers: It is uncommon to hear of some students who are caught into trouble because of their posts on Facebook. You might have a need to vent about your teacher. 

But, you should do this in a way that cannot be recorded and can be used as an evidence for punishing you.

7. About your Fellow Classmates: You may feel it easier to gang up people online and it may be easier for you to insult someone when you are looking at them face to face. 

But, posting on Facebook is not a better idea. Again, you might get into trouble because of such posts. Hence, be careful!

8. About Relationship: You very well know that this is not the right age to get into relationship. But, once you do, you need not necessarily post to social networks. 

And, you must remember that your relationship story will not be enjoyed by the elder people and relatives who are in the friends list.

9. About Your School: If you want to share anything about your school, do not ever do it in public. Posting stuff about your school in public will surely have an effect in your future admissions and conducts. These posts will make you to look like an idiot.

10. Sharing Gossips: Yes, this stuff can be easily spread online. But, you will not find the way to backpedal when the post has spread to everyone with your name or picture next to it. You must save yourself from any kind of social troubles.

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