10 ways to prevent cancer disease

10 ways to prevent cancer disease

Are you really concerned about preventing the deadly cancers? Then, why are you still waiting?

 Take charge right now by making changes in some of your daily habits. 

Here are some effective ways to prevent the deadly cancer disease from attacking you.

1. Avoid Tobacco: 

You must completely avoid using tobacco of any form at the first hand. 

This is because using tobacco will put you on a collision course with various types of cancer. 

Even if you are person who don’t use tobacco, your exposure to secondhand smoke may increase the risk of lung cancer. Deciding to stop tobacco is one of the important decisions to make.

2. Supplement with Vitamin D: It is very essential to spend enough time under the sun or safe tanning beds in order to optimize your vitamin D. 

Even if this is not possible, you must supplement with required amounts of vitamin D3. You must remember that higher the solar UVB, lower the occurrence of various types of cancer.

3. Avoid Excess Protein: Most of the people across the globe are known to consume larger amounts of protein. You must consider lowering your protein to one gram per kilogram of your body weight unless and until you are a competitive athlete or you are pregnant.

4. Healthy Foods: Eating a proper healthy food will minimize the risk of cancer though it would not guarantee for preventing the disease. You must consume more of fruits and vegetables in addition to whole grains and beans. You must limit your fat intake. The high fat diets would increase the risk of obesity and in-turn cancer.

5. Simplify Cleaning Solutions: Most of the commonly used household chemicals have the potential to develop cancer. Hence, you must simplify the cleaning solutions that are being used. The best disinfectant would be plain soap and water. You can also use 3% hydrogen peroxide and vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner.

6. Avoid Beauty Products: I can understand that this will be heartbreaking to you. But, you must know that there are thousands of chemicals in your personal care products and only few of them will undergo the safety testing. 

You must also remember that putting chemicals over your skin is far worse than ingesting them because they will be absorbed into your bloodstream without filtering.

7. Being Active: You must be active physically at least for thirty minutes every day. This will help you with weight management and will lower the risk of cancer. The regular physical activity would improve the digestive function and will bolster the immune system. You must choose the activity you enjoy and should work on increasing the time that is spent on exercise.

8. Drink Pure Water: Your municipal water would have been treated with chlorine or chloramines and these chemicals would react with organic matter and will increase the risk of cancer. 

The best choice for removing these chemicals from your water is to use whole house filtration system. You must remember that filtered water is better than bottled water.

9. Say No to Canned Foods: This is the best possible way to avoid bisphenol-A, which is linked to cancer. BPA is a largely used component in plastic containers, food packaging and cans. The canned foods and beverages could increase the BPA levels. By avoiding BPA, you can reduce the risk of cancer.

10. Reduce Alcohol Intake: You must make sure to limit your alcohol consumption. If your goal is to reduce the risk of cancer disease, it is recommended that you should avoid alcohol completely. The average limit would be two drinks for men and one drink for women.

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