10 ways to win an argument

10 ways to win an argument

Do you think winning in an argument is difficult? Well, you are not right! Actually, winning an argument is quiet easy. 

You must know the fact that winning in an argument don’t necessarily require you to be right all the time. It is all about proving that your opponent is wrong. 

I believe that doubts in your mind have been cleared now. Now, get ready to know about the ways to win an argument.

1. Identify the Situation: You must be able to identify the situation which has created the argument in first hand. You must be able to quickly analyze the situation in order to decide where you should stand. 

By acting quickly, you can even modify your argument without being known to your partner.

2. Respect Others’ Opinions: You must always remember that opinions will vary with people and you should not look down on others if they disagree with you. 

You should not accuse others for being wrong even when you know that they are wrong. You should be able to keep yourself in a position of respecting others’ opinions always.

3. Stay Strong: Once you made the decision of standing in a position, you should never change it out. You should be able to see it out till the end. If you are wrong, you should never let your opponent to identify it. You should never hesitate to respond nor laugh at the responses.

4. Pleasant Start: You must remember that each and every argument starts when someone asks the other. When you start doing it in a pleasant and friendly way, you can be able to disarm the opponent and can shift them to the defensive position. By this way, you can easily take a win over the opponent.

5. Make Your Opponent Agree: It is really important for you to make your opponent to say yes as quickly as possible irrespective of the subject. Your objective should be to stop the person regarding you as his/her enemy. You must make them to jump into your court.

6. Attack Opponent: If you know that your argument is wrong, you will have no way of proving it right. In these cases, all you need to do is to try disproving your opponent’s point of argument. Yes, not just trying will help. You have to disprove your opponent.

7. Let your Opponent Talk: During any argument, you must concentrate on your opponent’s points. I can say that you can win your argument by leaving your lips sealed and your ears wide open. By doing this way, you will be doing a favor for the opponent and he/she will love you for it! Simple!

8. Put Black/White Questions: You must be able to instantly put black/white questions to your opponent. This tactic can be very well used for trapping your opponent into saying anything that they did not want to say at all. By using this tactic, you can drastically alter the range of answers from your opponent.

9. Be Open-Minded: When you know that opinions would differ with people, you should also make an effort to understand their attitudes as well. You must sincerely try to understand the situation according to the opponent’s view. Being open to your opponent could be beneficial to your cause.

10. Stay Cool: You know that sometimes argument can be sensitive. You should not let your tempers flare. You should remain calm and cool and should not let your feelings to cloud your judgment. You must always take a moment to think before you start speaking. You must always stick onto the facts.

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