10 world's most remote areas

10 world's most remote areas

In spite of the modern ways of transportation which can take you from one continent to another in a matter of hours, there are places in this earth that are unexplored still. 

They are so remote that they cannot be reached very easily. Here’s a look at few of the remote areas in the world.

1. Deception Island: This Island is located off the Antarctica peninsula. This Island would appear to be a normal land mass from above yet it is entirely hollowed out from inside. 

Hence, it is aptly named as Deception Island. During the warmer months, scientists frequent this area but the year round population is estimated to be zero more usually.

2. Easter Island: This is located at about 2000 miles west of Chilean coast and is a tiny Island which has become popular for its remarkable isolation. This Island would measure around 70 square miles and is home for around 4000 people today. 

The Easter Island is famous for its massive rock sculptures that dot its beaches which were carved around the year 1500 by the early inhabitants of the Island.

3. Gangkhar Puensum Mountain: This is the highest unclimbed mountain of the world. This has turned out to be the most fascinating places for rock climbers and extreme sportsmen. 

This is Bhutan’s highest point and its elevation is 24836 feet. The visitors to Bhutan will marvel to see many untouched locations; yet, the true adventure will require finding the ultimate peace.

4. La Rinconada: This is a small mining town located in the Peruvian Andes. This is considered as the highest city in the world which is located at about 17000 feet above sea level. 

This city is situated on a permanently frozen glacier. It can be reached by truck through the treacherous and winding mountain roads. Only a few people can manage living here for long.

5. Kerguelen Islands: This set of islands in South Indian Ocean is one among the most remote archipelagoes of the world. There is no airport here, and hence, reaching this island requires traveling from Madagascar through a 6 day boat ride. This is currently inhabited by 50 to 100 scientists year round.

6. Cape York Peninsula: This is a larger expanse of untouched wilderness that is located on the northern tip of Australia. This region has a population of around 18000 people and is considered as one of the largest under-developed places of the world. 

This peninsula is difficult to reach and has become a popular destination for adventurous tourists. Some of the areas are still surveyed by helicopters.

7. Siberian Taiga: The taiga forests stretch over a quarter of Russian territory. These are as dense as Amazon jungle and more than 62000 square miles are still uninhabited. These forests are popularly called as Earth’s ‘last great wilderness’. These forests are so remote that a family was lost for decades until their discovery in the year 1978.

8. Ittoqqortoormiit: This is a small fishing and hunting village that is located on Greenland’s eastern shore. This has a population of only more than 500 people but the town is part of the municipal district which is roughly the size of England. There is an airport at about 25 miles away, yet, the flights are rare.

9. Alert, Nunavut: This is a small village that is located on the Arctic Ocean only 500 miles below North Pole. This is considered to be the permanently inhabited northernmost place in the world. 

The temperatures here will get as low as -40 degrees because of its location at the top of Earth. Alert does have an airport but it is often unusable because of bad weather.

10. Motuo County: This is considered as the last county in China and has no road leading to it. Just reaching this location is Herculean task and would require the travelers to follow the grueling overland route along the frozen parts of Himalayas.

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