13 Tips to get a beautiful and healthier hair

13 Tips to get a beautiful and healthier hair

Ladies out there! Do you want your hair to look attractive? Do you want it to be beautiful and healthier? Do you want to attract your crush with your beautiful and glowing hair? It’s not very difficult to achieve.

Yes, here are some tips to get beautiful and healthier hair. Are you ready to know what are they? Just, continue reading!

1. Proper Diet: This may sound crazy. But, this is more important. This is because our hair is made of keratin and hence you should not skimp on protein rich foods. 

It is also recommended that you take on healthy omega-3 fats. By following this, you can surely expect to show your new shine.

2. Protect Your Hair: You should always protect your hair from the factors like sun and wind. Exposing your hair to excessive of these factors would add to your already existing hair woes. 

This is because these will increase the susceptibility to infections. Make sure you cover your hair with umbrella or hat whenever you go out.

3. Use Conditioners: You must always use a moisturizing conditioner after each and every wash. If you miss following this tip, it may turn out as the reason for making your hair frizzy. You should not walk out after shower without a conditioner.

4. Avoid Immediate Brushing: Immediately after shower, your hair will be fragile. Due to this reason, you must avoid brushing your hair soon after your shower.

5. Right Combination: Are you wondering what could be this combination? No need to think hard. I will say it. You must always choose the shampoo and conditioner from same line which has the same formulation. This would really give you the better results.

6. Conditioning Done Right: You must do the conditioning correctly. You must remember that the conditioners are actually meant for shaft of the hair and not for the scalp. You must begin conditioning from about 2 inches away from the scalp.

7. Don’t Heat: You must not heat your hair. This is because the heating will strip off moisture from your hair. It will make your hair frizzy. When over done it may also burn your hair. Don’t ever do this!

8. Satin Pillows for Hair: When you sleep, you may try using satin pillow covers. These are known to reduce hair breakage. Remember that cotton is quite rough in texture and hence, it may cause more friction against your hair. Buy one satin pillow cover now!

9. Use Oils: You must oil your hair very frequently. This is because oiling the scalp will be good to your hair. At the same time, you must not overdo it!

10. No Hot Water Shower: Don’t ever wash your hair with hot water. Use cold water to wash your hair. Don’t scream! Not freezing water! You can very well use water at room temperatures!

11. Clarifying Shampoo: You must make sure that you use a clarifying shampoo at least once in a month. This would eliminate the product build-up due to which your shampoo tending to lose its efficiency.

12.Brushing is Good: Yes, brushing your hair is really good and worthy! This is a way of increasing the luster of your hair. This would spread your natural oils all through the length of your hair. But, remember that you should not use plastic brush and also you should not overdo this. These will cause increased damage to your hair.

13. Reduce Styling Products: If you are using the styling products on your scalp, it may cause drying. Hence, you must try not to use them very often. Don’t style your hair more than 4 times per week.

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