7 fastest ways to lose belly fat

7 fastest ways to lose belly fat

How can you lose your belly fat faster? Do you think it is possible? Why not? You must remember besides aesthetics, belly fat is also acting as the indicators of disease. So, here are the ways to lose your belly fat faster.

Sleeping at proper times is important. If you have to work late at nights, you really have to think well. This is because, when your biorhythms are not proper, then I am sure that you will end up eating more. 

Also, when you are really tired, you are going to produce more of ghrelin which is going to trigger the storage of sugar and fats. When you lose your sleep, the production of your hormones will also get altered. Hence, getting at least 7 hours of proper sleep during night times is a must to lose your belly fat.

As you can hear from most of the physical trainers that, losing your belly fat will be made possible 90% by proper diets and 10% by your regular exercises. As such, eating a well-balanced diet is extremely important. 

And, you must remember that there is no magic diet available for your belly fat. I can say that when you are losing weight on any diet, the first thing to go will be your belly fat. You must take enough fiber. This is as simple as eating two apples or a cup of green peas in a day.

When you are doing your exercise routines, you must try with those exercises that would engage multiple muscle groups and would also work your cardiovascular system. 

For this, you can try planking, wherein you will be able to hold yourself in the push-up position by resting your forearms on the ground. You have to do at least 3 to 4 sets of holding for 30 seconds each. If this sounds very difficult for you, you can try to go for walks all through the day.

Make sure to add whole grains like quinoa, brown rice and barley. The less processed the grain; the better will be them for your body. You have to choose whole grains that contain a low glycemic index. These foods will make you to feel fuller for a long time. 

For choosing your low glycemic index foods, you can refer the following site: glycemicindex.com. You can use this reference for viewing whether your favorite foods fit into glycemic index.

Drinking two to five cups of green tea every day will help you to lose your belly fat. There are proven studies which have shown that people who are ingesting 600 mg of catechins (found in green tea) were able to lose 16 times more fat than those people who are not drinking green tea. 

To get benefitted more, you have to look for green tea which has higher levels of antioxidants. And, remember that you have to drink the tea hot in order to receive these benefits.

You must fat. Yup, no surprises! Believe me; it will take fat to burn your fat. Yes, its sugar content is the one which makes you fat and not the fat itself. You must include good fats like Omega 3’s in your diet. 

You can find good fats in salmons, avocados and walnuts. All these foods are filled with nutrients which will help you in keeping you fuller throughout the day.

You must practice to slow down your breath. This is very simple which you can use when you are in doing any kind of works. Whenever you are tense, you must make sure to see how you are breathing. When you become conscious, you must relax your belly and slow down your breathing. Simple!

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