8 Drinks that help you lose weight:

8 Drinks that help you lose weight

Do you know that some drinks can make you lost weight? Are you really surprised? Yes, I know that working out daily causes more stress in you. But, anyway you have to lose weight. 

You can do this by just consuming some of the healthy drinks that are easily available. Are you ready to know about the drinks which will reduce your bellies? Just, read this!

Ice Cold Water

Yes, the first simplest remedy is your ice cold water. By simply drinking ice cold water, you can burn an extra of 250-500 calories. Are you amazed? Yes, you can burn these many calories by just consuming 8 to 10 glasses of ice water. 

And, I am sure that you are going to lose up to one pound of your weight in just one week by following this tip. You want to know, what makes this happen? It’s simple. Our body will have to burn extra calories in order to heat the consumed ice cold water. Simple, isn’t it?

Juices Made out of Vegetables

The juices made out of vegetables will be the next best choice, if you are prone to infections by consuming ice water. This is an excellent way to get your fiber and the other required nutrients. 

You need not hesitate to have vegetables whether it is available in cans, bottles or home made. Everything is fine and good. It will be much better if you are able to pick up low sodium varieties.

Green Tea

Green tea has been well proven as the boosters of human metabolism and they will speed up your weight loss process. No matter if you have enough time to work out or not, just drinking one cup of green tea will deliver all the required anti-oxidants and will help you in burning more calories. 

The green tea will also increase your overall energy and will suppress your appetite to a smaller extent. Thus, it is good for your weight loss program.

Black Coffee

You can very well drink a morning cup of black coffee, if you are intending to lose your weight. This will spur your weight loss process by providing the boost of caffeine. Again, caffeine is also well known for suppressing your appetite. 

In addition, coffee will stimulate the thermogenesis for heating up your body. But, remember that your coffee should not be very sweet and make sure you use skimmed milk.

Fat Free Milk

Yes, it’s right that consuming more of milk is not good for reducing milk. But, you must remember that calcium can boost up your weight loss. Calcium can be able to increase your fat breakdown. This does not mean that you should take gallons of milk, but, addition of fat free milk to your diet will help in losing weight.

Iced Peppermint Tea

This will be refreshing during hot summer days, when at the same time; this drink can also act as super effective flatteners of your bellies. 

The peppermint tea will help your stomach in processing fats and will make sure that your fat based foods are getting digested very quickly. This in-turn will prevent bloating. Try one drink today!


This may sound crazy. But, yoghurt based smoothies are loaded with calcium just as same as milk, when at the same time; they will suppress your appetite. The calcium that is present in yoghurt will help in burning fats. Have a smoothie topped with fruits for have more effect!

Coconut Water

The coconut water is loaded with electrolytes and could naturally speed up your metabolism. This will give more additional energy to carry out your work-outs for longer time. This will help you in losing weight with more intensity.

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