9 Great Places That You Need To Choose For Your Marriage Proposal

9 Great Places That You Need To Choose For Your Marriage Proposal

Marriage means a lifetime commitment. No wonder many women really think carefully when their boyfriend proposed for a marriage. 

However, it is really a man's goal to get the 'yes' or ' I will' from the girl, when he's certain to spend the rest of his life with her. 

To achieve this goal, the man has to set a scheme to get the girl's approval, like it was a trap. And, it's a straightforward thing to say that.

 In line with this, one important part of the plan is to decide where the marriage proposal will happen. 

And, this article suggests the possible places where a man could propose a marriage.

1. Airport terminal - You may wonder why some author would put the setting of the marriage proposal to airport terminal, in a story plot of film or a book. Basically, one thing that is very evident to this place is the presence of strangers. 

And, the girl was like caught in a trap if the man proposed to this area. There's one Youtube video, however, of a man who adopted the setting for his marriage proposal, and the ending was tragic. 

Instead of getting the answer yes, he was spanked and received lots of punches from the girl. In contrary, there's one celebrity somewhere in Asia who said yes to her boyfriend who propose marry to her. This is to say that it's a case to case basis and it might work for you. 

2. At work - This is not new. What was depicted in some movies also happen in real life situation. Most likely, the office mates of the girl are accomplices of the guy for the plan. So, who among you could say that this is not a trap? However, this strategy really works well. 

3. In front of church - If majority of marriages took place in church, why not propose in front of the church? Take note, proposal must be in front and not inside the church. 

It might be awkward to propose inside the church, especially, if the priest is preaching. The impression you could create when proposing in front of the church is for having the sincerity with your intention towards the girl you wanted to marry.

4. Park - One of the most remarkable sites a couple could have a date, is in the park. Typical things such as socializing while strolling or a simple chat in bench are commonly done to this place. 

However, what if you set your proposal to this place letting the girl think that nothing especial to the occasion, and it’s just like the previous dates. It will surprise her for sure. 

5. Near the cliff - This happens when the couple set a date away from other people. Again, this can surprise the girl for letting her think that it was just like the previous dates they had. In addition to that, the guy could shout 'WILL YOU MARRY ME', as nobody is around.

6. Any romantic tower - Seriously, could you not afford to go in Eifel tower to propose a marriage? Then, choose any tower that you think is romantic too. And, you don't have to spend too much money for going to France. 

What makes Eifel tower and any ordinary tower an ideal place for marriage proposal is the height that triggers one's excitement. 

7. On the road - This might seem awkward for some, but to set your marriage proposal here can be an effective tactic to win the girl's yes. However, this needs precaution. 

Select a certain spot on the road in the absence of any vehicle. The girl must be the one who is driving the car, as your initial plan begins by letting her drive it. You may make excuses like you can't drive because you drink last night or your mind is dizzy. 

And, it's all part of the plan. When everything seems right, propose to her. Her mind will be divided on you and on the road. Again, see to it that there's no other vehicle around. 

8. Ferris Wheel - If you happen to take your girlfriend in a carnival and decided to ride in Ferris wheel, the most romantic time that you could propose is when your seat or gondola had momentarily stopped on the top. Again, the height adds the excitement at this very moment. 

9. In front of fireworks - In 4th July, when there are fireworks display, could a perfect timing. Childhood fantasy of a happy ending love story is somewhat associated with the sparkling and bright lights, seemingly full of magic. I really doubt if the girl won't say 'yes' when a guy propose at this time.

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