Common weight loss pills

Common weight loss pills:

If you have set yourself into a weight loss program, you can try some weight loss drugs. There are many effective weight loss pills available in the market now. 

You can consult your doctor and get prescribed for your weight loss drugs. But, you need to remember something important. You must still need to focus on your diets as well as exercise while consuming these drugs. 

Some of the common weight loss pills are:

Orlistat: The mechanism of action of this drug is the reduction of fat absorption. This drug is prescribed by the doctors as ‘Xenical’. You must remember that before taking this drug, you should be on a low fat diet. 

In addition, you will have to take a multivitamin before 2 hours of taking orlistat. This is because this drug will make it harder to absorb the vitamins like vitamin A, D, E and K for short time. There are some side effects with this drug which are generally mild and temporary.

Belviq: This drug will act by curbing your appetite. When you are prescribed with this drug, you must remember that if you are not losing 5% of your weight after a period of 12 weeks from the dose initiation, you must stop consuming this. 

This is because this drug may not work for you according to FDA. And, if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you should not take Belviq. It is to be remembered that people who are taking depression medication along with Belviq, should be monitored closely.

Rimonabant: This drug would act as a suppressor for your appetite. This may also increase thermogenesis, thereby, increasing the energy expenditure. 

Sanofi-Aventis is the company which received the approval for marketing Rimonabant as an anti-obesity drug in the European Union. However, there are some restrictions in marketing of this drug.

Sibutramine: This is another appetite suppressant. This will reduce your desire to eat. This drug may increase your blood pressure. Also, this drug is known to cause dry mouth, constipation and head ache. As this risks caused by this drug has been shown to outweigh the benefits, this drug has been withdrawn from markets in the major countries.

Metformin: This drug can be able to reduce weight in people with diabetes mellitus type 2. This drug would limit the level of glucose produced by the liver. Also, this drug would increase the muscle consumption of glucose.

Exenatide: This drug is commonly known by the name ‘Byetta’ and is a long-acting analogue of the hormone GLP-1. This drug would also delay the gastric emptying. 

Thus, after taking this drug you will have a feeling of satiety. This drug is also available as a treatment for diabetes mellitus type 2. It is to be noted that only some patients had found that they lost substantial weight when they took Byetta. This drug should be injected subcutaneously two times in a day. And, it is known to cause nausea in some patients.

Pramlintide: Pramlintide which is commonly known as ‘Symlin’ would act as a synthetic analogue of the hormone ‘Amylin’. Also, this drug would delay the gastric emptying and would make you to have the feeling of satiety. 

At present, Symlin has been approved for using along with insulin. This drug is being tested for non-diabetics as the treatment for obesity. This drug should be injected during the meal time which is a disadvantage.

Other drugs: In addition to the above mentioned common prescriptions for weight loss, there are also some other drugs available as weight loss pills. They are:

Conjugated linoleic acid
ECA stack

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