How To Cheat During Exam Without Being Caught

You may think that it is really impossible to do this but mind you, many students passed their subject without too much pressure of studying their lectures every night.

To cheat during exam is an effective solution for some. 

However, this article divides two types of approach on how to cheat during the exam and not to get caught: Individual approach and Partnership Approach

Individual Approach

In this method, an individual may have this hard time to learn strategy about the best method of cheating. It's really weird when a student plans for the strategy instead of studying the lessons for the exam the other day. The following are some approaches related to this.

1. List answers in some parts of your body

One most commonly used as writing pad so to speak is the palm, as one can close the hand in order for others not to see it. 

2. Wear long-sleeve shirt

This is possible if the test was scheduled during Free Day when everyone could wear civilian clothes. This is for you to hide your leakage under your sleeves.

3. Implement your plan prior to exam

For instance, a day before the exam, you can write all the answers in your chair like it was vandalism of other students before your batch. This is true in some schools where their chairs and/or desks are not painted for the next school year.

4. Write the answers at the back of the chair of the person sitting in front of you. 

Again, this can be done a day before the exam. It really provides comfort on your side as you only look directly in front because of the rule of not looking to your side. So, write your leakage in front of you. Just pray the seats were not rearranged, if not, your seatmate will be the lucky one. 

5. Watch the proctor's eye movement 

The best opportunity to cheat is when you're proctor can't see you. But, you have to be sure that you're not watching him or her too. It requires talent to do this effectively for the success of your plan. 

Partnership Approach

Some students are actually comfortable in working together to cheat. In fact, a group of five or six can be associated with the activity. However, this will only focus on group of two cheaters. 

Ideally, this is very effective when the two students are in between of two intelligent students of the class. 

1. Wink 

One of the most common type of examination is multiple choice. Just look your partner's eyes from time to time but have a mutual relationship. Meaning to say, share the answer of what you saw from the intelligent classmate beside you, and vice versa. Winking can be done with some noise which is very effective. 

2. Finger digits

The system is like the above approach as sharing the answer got from looking to other test paper reflects from the number of the finger digits shown. 

3. Write in the air

Among all the partnership approach, this method can be the most effective. All you have to do is to look for the finger stroke of your partner as one of you can't use your whole hand in cheating. Both of you will be caught, if you do it then.

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