How to Please Your Strict Teacher

How to Please Your Strict Teacher


 A strict teacher does not mean a bad teacher, as the teacher only want to impose discipline inside the classroom. This is to say that the student’s cooperation to the implemented rules and regulation in class can be used by every student as their basis for pleasing their teachers.

You might ask yourself, why am I going to do that? Well, it’s nothing personal, as you need to pass the subject taught by your strict teacher in any way as possible.

 This article will definitely help you on how to please your teacher of any personality type that might disgust, annoy or irritate you. Remember, you only do this to please them, and nothing personal.

1. Practice How To Be Plastic

The question is how to do that? Or, shall I say, what do I mean with the word plastic? Literally, plastic can be any light substance shaped into many forms for use, as defined by dictionary.

Some of these new forms are derived from the real object. This is to say that this particular characteristic of plastic is what I am trying mean here.

So, how are you going to do that? First of all, you have to prepare yourself of what does it take to be plastic, seriously. This is because to be plastic was not an easy thing to do, as every time you face your teacher, you shift to plastic mode from the real you. That is right guys; whenever you face your teacher, you’re not real to yourself. For instance, when the strict teacher tells you to do a difficult homework, just pretend that you really like it although not for real.

I understand your reactions right now. Some of you might say, ‘holy cow’ or ‘holy ship’, but guys, always remember the point of this article, that is to please your teacher in any way possible to pass your subject. Well, at the end of the day, it’s up to you, whether you like this suggestion or not.

2. Always say , “Yes ma’am” or “Yes sir”

Try to say ’NO’ anywhere or to any authority there is. The next thing will happen is that it will be you against them. Likewise, to say yes is also applicable inside the classroom to please your teacher.

But, I understand that there are also some issues that need to be refuted. You must also learn how to do that and must know what is right from wrong. Nevertheless, in most cases, strict teachers are always right. So, always say ‘Yes’.

3. Praise Your Teacher

The number one suggestion stated above is also applicable to this one. Indeed, to praise your teacher is one of the best things to do in order to please him or her. In some occasion, use hyperbole for exaggerating your comment in a good way. 

However, be careful with this type of figure of speech as it might be misinterpreted by the teacher. On the other hand, irony suits best when praising the teacher. More likely, you can comment by telling the opposite. Below are the sample ironies you can say to your teacher.

“Oh, teacher, it seems that you’re looking younger as time passes by.”

Note that it might be true in some cases, but normally, people get old as time passes by that really affect one’s looks.

“Sir, it seems that your head gets perfectly round every single day, and I like it.”

But the truth is, the teacher is losing hair and balding.

“Teacher, is there any additional questions for our assignment, because I want more.”

Trust me, the teacher might be surprised, delighted and will definitely grin. You got her!

4. Always ask questions that are seemingly answerable by the teacher It will definitely please her if all of the questions had been answered. It enhances the teacher’s self-esteem and pride for seeing himself as ‘all-knowing’ about the topic. 

Obviously, you can ask question and pretend not knowing the answer. However, you have to be careful too as not all teachers may be caught by this trap to please him or her.

Nevertheless, teachers may be wise but can also be fooled.

5. Always smile

Whether you’re in a plastic mode or it’s the real you, smiling is one way to please not just the teacher but all people. However, you have to do this appropriately and in the right time too. If the teacher is not in good mood, smiling at her can be misinterpreted as an insult or ridicule.

As a rule, you have to learn the mood of the teacher first, then if the ambiance is fine, smile. In similar manner, let her throw some jokes first before yours. Or, don’t give some punch line but laugh instead.

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