is running good for weight loss

Is Running Good for Weight Loss?

See weight loss tips that involves running or walking


The most common exercise you can do at home. You can actually walk around your house, but it can be very boring. Instead, many prefer to make their house the starting point and as well as the finish point while walking a short distance away from home to see sceneries along the road. Thirty minute walk is just enough for the day that is good for blood circulation in the body. 

Jogging and/or Running

If you want to make your exercise somewhat more strenuous as compared to walking then consider to jog or run. In fact, this is common to people of all ages. 

Thirty minutes to one hour jogging early in the morning is good to one's body. Moreover, if you want to make it more strenuous compared to jogging, you could run with considerable speed, to increase your heart rate improving the blood circulation to your body. 

Body stretching

There are many benefits of stretching certain parts of the body and it is also used to most of the 'how to lose weight' programs. In fact, any program cannot be completed without stretching. 

And, the good news is that you can do stretching anywhere in your house without using heavy equipment. There are specific stretching exercises that target particular part of the body such as arms, legs, hamstring, quadriceps, back and core. 

Jumping jack

This is not only applicable to boot camps for armies as you could also do this at home. In fact, most of the paid 'how to lose weight' programs incorporated this exercise, which is easy and can be done immediately without any equipment.

Household Chores

For some people, having a time to have a proper exercise even inside the house can be very impossible, because of the workload for doing chores. 

However, some chores can be made a part of your 'how to lose weight' program if you are only creative for it. Perhaps, mopping the floor can be counted as one with each flexing and extending your arms. All you need is to be creative about it. 

These exercises are actually easy to do and can be very effective for losing weight, and also by means of incorporating the knowledge about the facts of losing weight, available on the web. 

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