Reasons why Filipino Should not Commit Suicide?

Reasons why Filipino Should not Commit Suicide?

Have a Problem ? Want to die ? not yet,  see the possible expenses that you may need when you commit suicide. 

Coffin 20k

Breads for the visitors that will visit your coffin/ death 1000

Coffee 100k

Pancit 2000

And most of all, you are wasting peoples time and fare just to visit you.

No do you still want to commit suicide ? Stop and think before its too late. 

What is suicide in Filipino ? its Patiwakal , Pakamatay, Patsugi, Goodbye World.

Who commonly commit suicide in Philippines? Based on the Statistics as of 2013, Gay teens commonly commit suicide due to Bullying. 

Let us Support each other to fight HATE CRIME. 

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