Seven Things To Consider To Live A Happy Life Despite of Being HIV Positive

Seven Things To Consider To Live A Happy Life Despite of Being HIV Positive 

 There is an undeniable truth about the stigma associated with HIV infection. The whole family is also

affected upon knowing the disease contracted by one member of the household. 

However, it can be very traumatic on the part of the person who actually acquired the disease. Family, job and social relationship are some aspects of one’s life that can be affected by the condition. 

But, it doesn’t mean that the person infected with HIV has no right to live a happy life despite of the situation.

This article will discuss some of the things to consider in order to live happily, despite of being infected with HIV. The target of this article is not only for the victim but for the support system as well. 

 1. Acceptance

Relatively speaking
, it can be very difficult for any individual to accept the reality upon

learning the disease. At first, the person is in denial and could not believe of the crisis that

he is currently in. 
Members of the person’s support system have to know this thing as it takes some time for a person to finally advance to acceptance phase. 

However, acceptance phase is more crucial than the first stage as careful decision of the person takes place, of whether to make some ways to be happy after learning about it or to succumb to the ailment till the very end. 

Nevertheless, the latter is discouraged when a person wants to live a happy life.

Acceptance is fundamental as first step for an individual to live happily, but without optimism in regards with the decision to make after learning the disease, makes it useless. 

 2. Family Support

Obviously, each family member has negative impression about the disease that could affect the person’s wellbeing from the very beginning, as the general idea about the disease is known to have no cure. However, health education for each family member addresses ignorance that causes anxiety among them. 

It is very important for the family to understand the disease process, transmission, health needs etc. enabling them to fully empathize with the hardships and difficulties of the person dealing with.

Always remember that the family is the main source of support of the person infected with HIV. 

3. Compliance To Medication

Everyone should be grateful to modern science with the discovery of AZT, drug of choice for HIV infection. Although the fact remains that there is no cure for HIV infection, the drug can actually delays the multiplication of the virus causing the destruction of healthy cells that build the person’s immune system. 

This is good news because it helps prolong a person’s life span. In fact, some people who have good compliance to the medication live for an average of ten years or even more after diagnosed with HIV infection. 

This amount of time is more than enough to correct some mistakes in life and to apologize for the sins committed to other people and God Almighty. Starting to repent for wrongdoings is a gratifying deed. This is one way of living happily by means of self-fulfillment

4. Healthy Lifestyle

This is very basic and applicable for both healthy and unhealthy individuals. Smoking cessation, drinking alcohol in moderation, proper diet and exercise are some broad topics to focus on to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

 However, there can be some considerable modification for people infected with HIV. Smoking and some prohibited drugs can decrease one’s immune system. 

It is very important to understand that the issue about HIV infection is to preserve the integrity of body’s immune system which is targeted by HIV, and a compromised immune system leads to AIDS that results to many complications. 

 5. Support Group

It is interesting to know that the person who has the condition is not alone. There are some support groups that maybe near to your hometown. It is very important for person to share their experiences and coping mechanism on how to deal with the situation. 

6. EmploymentIt is also true that some companies may have this discrimination against people with HIV infection. This is the reason why there is a medical examination before hiring a prospective employee. 

However, this must not affect one’s well being because there are other options.
Private small business can be one as source of income. In fact, as a boss of your own business, nobody demand you to undergone medical exam. 

The thing emphasized here is that the person who has the infection must have a source of living. Internet marketing is also a good option. Tax free and passive generating type of income source, are some favorable natures of this business. 

 7. Intimacy

It is undeniable that almost all individual need to have sex and several actually regard it as one of the basic needs. The dilemma of transmitting the disease to other people through sexual contact may be thought as hindrance of doing this. 

This is the importance of meeting other people who also have the illness. Meeting other people who share the same experience with you gives way to the possibility of building an intimate relationship as time passes by. 

The sexual gratification is not only the issue here but the person must also attain the need for sense of belonging. To be alone can be a source of depression brought by isolation. Always remember, no man is an island.

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