Things To Include In Weight Loss Blog

Things To Include In Weight Loss Blog

Perhaps, one of the blog niches that conquered the web is the interest about weight loss. Experts and newbies are highly into blogging with this topic because it attracts many online users to visit the website. How to improve your weight loss blog? The content in your website is the most crucial thing to consider. 
High Quality Articles

Article is the main body of almost all websites. And, this is the main reason why people visit website. They need to learn information hoping they could find it in your website. However, not all web owners have this capacity to write well for their own website.

It is no wonder that many of them would tend to hire an expert or new freelance writer to create content by means of writing articles. You may call them ghostwriters as they write in behalf of other people and surrender copyright of their work. There are some websites where one could actually hire a freelance writer, Odesk or Elance for naming few. 

High Quality Images

All people are attracted to pictures in any kind of multi media. Some books, for instance, use colourful images for young children to be stimulated while read the book. 

Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are some available software in the web that will help you to enhance images to post in your weight loss blog to its high quality. 

Always remember to only place related images in the weight loss blog. Also, careful selection of appropriate colour for the images to place in blog is also important.

Fantastic Favicon

The small square icon in tab, just located below the search bar could attract your viewers too. There are websites that offer favicon generator to create your own favicon. 

Having a unique favicon in your weight loss blog may not make you stand out from others who also have weight loss blog, but it gives your website strong impression. 

Attractive Navigation Menu Bar

Horizontal menu bar with drop down list effect that includes the interesting pages and posts in your whole website attracts the visitors as they were provided with ease upon navigating. Moving the mouse over the tabs that instantly show the subtitles of pages appears to be magic. 

Comment Guest Book

Creating forum within your webpage is an effective technique to make your weight loss blog interesting as it garners many reactions and suggestions that are mostly discussed and or interrupted by other visitors, making the conversation longer.


Variety of apps or gadgets in the web is available for free and or have price. Appropriate gadget to weight loss blog include BMI calculator, Measurement Unit Converter and Healthy Tips Daily provided by the creator. 


Suitable and related ads to your weight loss blog are encouraged. It is in the state the mind of most people that after reading the article content, interest to such services or products just sprang in the middle of nowhere, resulting to clicking the ads that are generally related to the article. Adding advertisements to your blog not only makes you earn profit but makes the site attractive too. 

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