If you are alive, obviously, you don’t know the answer, but with one big exception. 

If you’re alive right now but you died for short a moment at some point in your lifetime, then you basically know the answer to this question. 

It sounds weird, but to die for a while or to have a near death experience is the only way to answer this question.

This article is based on the claim of people who luckily returned back to the present world. 

Surprisingly, some of these claims are interrelated with each other. Let us see!

1. Heaven

Many people have said that good goes to heaven and bad goes to hell. Some people who claim to have this experience said they have this weird feeling like they’re in heaven. 

Some people said they actually met God, but when they are asked of what does He looks like, things you could hear from them were, ‘it was bright’, it was blinding to my eyes’, ‘ I can’t see Him clearly, sorry’. And, in the end, there’s no actual facial description of the Creator as claimed by these people. 

Another thing is that they said they had met St. Peter with this cock. However, there are only limited sources as to the number of people who 

had actually met the Saint. Undeniably, this information came from people who are righteous, and from people who had been devoted to serve God and their religion.

2. Hell

It is relatively true that opposite things exist anywhere. This is to say that if there’s bad, there’s good; if there’s light, there’s darkness; and if there’s heaven, there is also hell. 

In Christian belief, people who had sinned are punished in hell, where there is a sea of fire that eats the flesh endlessly as the human soul suffers eternally. It could be very shocking to learn from people who had experience this had been sinful throughout their lives.

Remarkably, most of these people had somewhat changed and became a better person. Perhaps, these people had learnt something that had affected their total well being.

3. Purgatory

This is a place for suffering to make the soul pure before ascending to heaven. Apart from our knowledge about the soul’s destination after death, purgatory is no uncommon for many Christians. Or, you might also hear this from Lady Gaga’s words, when she says, ‘let’s dance in purgatory’.

Who do you think is the only person you may know who doesn’t have sin? I doubt you knew even just one. God loves the world and Christian believes that to be sent in Purgatory means a great chance to ascend to heaven. 

This might be good to hear from lots of people who might seems hopeless for thinking that they will definitely go to hell for all sins committed. However, to be sent in hell directly is also possible and only God knows about that.

4. Endless and Empty Road

This might seem unfamiliar to you, but this is basically true from some accounts. Do you have a friend who had said that they have a grandmother who just died naturally on their bed for about 15 to 20 minutes and woke up? Don’t you know about the first thing they asked to their relatives? ‘Could you give me some water? I had travelled a very long mile.’

You might have some goose bumps right now, right? And, the next thing that had happened to your grandmother or to some old folks was the moment they went back on their bed and close their eyes, they had slept forever. 

The good thing was that some of the relatives were able to get some information of what happened. Some account state that during the time when that person had died so to speak is that they keep on wandering to what seems to be an endless road. 

Some people said that he or she walked together with other unknown people from Earth and they couldn’t understand why they had to walk, as to stop walking won’t bring any good as well. It’s weird but some people claimed this to be true.

5. World of Ultra­terrestrial Being

This is very popular in some rural areas when one family member died mysteriously; they suspect that the body and soul was taken by an entity that thrived in other dimension. Entities like dwarves and Engkantos are some mystical creatures unknown to human comprehension would be responsible for such death. It can be very horrendous for a family if the dead soul was trapped to this so called world.

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