6 Top Weight Loss Exercises

6 Top Weight Loss Exercises:

In today’s trend, almost everyone is interested in losing their weight. I guess you too have the same idea. 

You might be wondering on how to reduce your weight when at the same time maintaining your body’s health and metabolism in a right way. 

Most of us would opt for carrying out some exercise routines and it is mandatory for you to choose the appropriate exercise that will burn your body’s fat. Here are some of the weight loss exercises for you to try out.

1. Push-Ups: Yes, I would say that you do not have to sign in a gym for trying out some weight loss exercises. You don’t need a personal trainer too. I bet that this is the best exercise you will ever do. 

This classic exercise will train your chest, shoulders, triceps, abdomen and even your lower back. Just try this today for achieving a great workout experience and burning your fat. And, what else? You can build your muscles too.

2. Swimming: Swimming of any style like freestyle, butterfly or breast stroke could be able to burn up to 350 calories in just thirty minutes. You are astonished, right? Yes, if you are doing a rigorous swimming in any of these styles, you can able to burn these many calories. 

What about swimming leisurely? It’s not that bad as it could burn up to 200 to 250 calories in the same thirty minutes. Hence, you can do it as a workout or time pass according to your wish. If you are able to continue this for an hour, you are going to burn around 400 to 700 calories.

3. Cycling: Everyone knows that this is a good weight loss exercise. But, it is to be noted that the outdoor cycling can do a lot more miracles when compared with the indoor static cycling. When you opt for outdoor cycling, you can improve your overall fitness as this will challenge your body with various terrains and routes. 

The amount of calories you are going to burn with your cycling will majorly depend upon your speed and resistance of the route you use. Though, this exercise will not help in terms of upper body workouts, it is the best to tone the lower limb muscles.

4. Bodyweight Squats: You must remember that the leg exercise could be able to work hundreds of muscle fibers at a time. Also, the muscles that would be targeted by these exercises would be large like quadriceps and hamstrings. Of all these, squats would be more effective as muscle builder and fat burner when compared with all the other exercises. 

For doing this, you have to stand with your hands behind the head, chest out and elbows back. Then, sit back at your hips by bending your knees for lowering your body as far as possible. Push back to starting position and repeat the cycle.

5. Stair Exercise: The stair exercises would help in increasing cardiovascular stamina. You know what? This will tone your lower body also. Yes, it is natural that you are more likely to get tired in the initial stages. 

But, with more of persistence, you would not feel pooped easily. I am sure that you are going to notice that you can perform your tasks with gusto thereby being able to enhance your overall performance.

6. Jogging: I would say that this is the most ideal way for working out every part of your body and would help in shedding the unwanted calories. How long you should do this? For achieving the best calorie burning potential you must attempt to work out for more than 8 mph. Are you ready to try this out?

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