Elephant Baby. A kid born with very big feet.

Elephant Baby. A kid born with very big feet. 

This is very sad news for the kid born in a third world country. He has a rare desease called elephantiasis. Due to lack of sufficient money to go to a doctor, the kid died before the treatment 

@john Smith like how the description has the line "and forced to wear clothes for girls" as if somehow that is the important part. "what, his legs are hugely deformed and he can't walk, who gives a fuck. What!?!?!? they are so deformed he can only wear skirts, well then what the fuck are we waiting for, help this poor kid" that really puts it in perspective 

@Debbie So sad that the child died before any treatment .
But I notice it was the UK again that stepped in. No doubt we would have done it for nothing again whilst the other  countries just ignore any problem. We seem to do all the weird operations in our hospitals "Siamese twins" etc... and then they end up ,living here Stupid.NHS rules, although obviously you don't need to be born in the UK to benefit. Europe and USA do your bit please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@pokerface what a beautiful smile this little boy had! I was about to ask if anybody knew what happened to him. that is so sad that he passed away but at least he is definitely in a better place!

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