Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

Some of you might be wondering what this is while some of you might be thinking whether it is possible for you to go on a vegetarian diet during the weight loss program. 

Yes, it’s true that most of us are non-vegetarian lovers and we can’t sleep without tasting them. But, why not we could try this vegetarian plan when it will reduce your weight in a seven-day time? 

I would clearly say that this vegetarian plan is not meant for the vegetarians alone. Anyone could try this for effective results.

A Week’s Plan:

As I mentioned earlier, this is a seven-day program for you. I will start narrating your diet plans from day 1 to day 7 here.

Day 1: It is the hardest for you as always wherein you must try to keep away from cravings. Wondering why? This is the fruits’ day! You could consume all fruits except grapes, banana, litchi and mango. But, you can eat as much as you can. I would suggest you to eat more of water melons, orange, apples and pomegranate. You can eat as many as 20 times in this day, but, the only condition is that you must eat only fruits.

Day 2: Like you fruits’ day, this is the day meant for your veggies. You can eat only vegetables during the second day. Just eat as much as you can and feel that your stomach got filled up. You can eat them in any form either boiled or raw. 

You know what; you can even start your second 
day with boiled potatoes along with the teaspoon of butter. This will give your body with the enough energy and carbohydrates.

Day 3: Most of you will be wondering, what will be included in day 3. This is a combination of day 1 and 2. You can eat both vegetables and fruits during this day. But, the condition is to take the required amount of water along with these. I would say that you should avoid potato during 
this day.

Day 4: You were told that you should not eat bananas during the first three days, right? Here is the surprise for you. Yes, you can take the liberty of consuming 6 bananas during the fourth day. 

What more in this day? You can take four glasses of milk as well. You might have aware that bananas would make you to gain weight, but in this vegetarian weight loss plan, bananas would act as the source of potassium and sodium and since you are not taking any salt, bananas would compensate for them. 

During the fourth day, you will be allowed to take a cup of soup also which should contain capsicum, onion, garlic along with tomato.

Day 5: This will turn to be your festival day as you can eat a tasty meal now. You can include tomato, sprouts and cheese during your fifth day. What more? 

You can even add soya chunks to your meal. I would suggest you to make a soup with the aforementioned ingredients. And, do not 
forget to increase your water intake by 1⁄4 of your daily consumption.

Day 6: This is a day of ‘No tomatoes’. But, you can add your sprouts, cheese and vegetables with which you can be able to come up with the delicious soup. 

You must also drink more of water for help you put through the day. You would have noticed changes in your body at this stage itself.

Day 7: Now, you can have some fresh juices along with a cup of brown rice and vegetables. Here again, you must consume lots of water. Now, feel light on your toes!

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